Written by bakerstreet

31 Jan 2018

So I managed to take the girlfriend away abroad to a 'soft swinging' hotel in Mexico. She, of course, believed it to be just a nice 4/5 star hotel for a treat. First day and impressions were that it was all a bit tame and boring, but not bad to get her relaxed and horny in the sun. Sure enough 2nd day my instincts sniffed out the large jacuzzi tub and pool around a bar on the rooftop where quite a few couples were drinking and fooling around.

My 29-year-old beauty was looking incredible on my arm in her designer swimsuit, long black hair and body to die for. I finally persuaded her into the pool with me as she is extremely shy, found a nice quiet corner in the pool and got us some drinks. Some people had swimsuits on like Mrs. Baker, many topless and others completely nude.

With this find at last, I was really horny so discarded my trunks but she wouldn't to start with until another really nice young couple came and stood next to us.

So it was a nice young American cpl. in the pool alongside us, his pretty wife leaning back against the wall, then her husband with Mrs B. in between him and me. The conversation was sparse as the gf is Japanese and very shy and I guess it was my interest in Mrs Usa that started things off. I have to say at this point that there is quite a difference of about 30plus years between gf and me, she is besotted with me and was apparently getting very jealous with me just trying to chat up Mrs. Usa who unfortunately wasn't too interested in me!! It was then that I noticed Mrs. Bakers right arm moving strangely under the water, she was playing with the guys cock unseen by me and his wife.

I was actually shocked and surprised and couldn't quite believe it until I traced her hand down to the young guys' huge erection wanking him very slowly. She knows I like cock and pussy and let me play with him as well, next thing I notice Mrs. Usa taking my gfriends costume off , then playing with her lovely breasts and very seductively starts kissing her, wow. I'm now really hard and losing control and start playing with Mrs Usa who stops me and gets behind me in the pool, starts kissing my neck and ears grabs hold of my hard cock and whispers to me , " your now going to watch my young husband fuck your girlfriend with his huge cock until she begs for his spunk".

Sure enough, he was good and obviously well into my young gf who was now naked and being very well fondled and turned on by the naked stranger in the water, it was when he started french kissing her that I noticed she was beyond caring, exchanging deep tongues and spit between themselves.

His wife who was expertly wanking me while watching her husband seduce my innocent gf whispered instructs to me, -"feel how wet your little hoar is, feel how big and hard my husbands' cock is, now put his cock inside her sweet little tight pussy....." which I did.

We don't usually let anyone else fuck her but we couldn't help ourselves as I pushed this lovely cock into her willing pussy.

Next, she said "now feel his cock inside her like I have just done with my finger inside your ladys virgin ass' well I have to tell you the truth this was the most amazing horny, jealous thing I have ever done and sure enough as I had my finger in my gfs ass I could feel his cock spurting his semen into my lovely young innocent lady.........

it was at this point that I exploded, spunking into the other ladies hand under the water, unable to control myself.