Written by mb

22 Jul 2009

So I was on a very boring training course last week, the sort where you simply drift off listening to dreary information. No amount of coffee is keeping my eyes open.

But then I happened to notice a mature gentleman, sat not far from me, clearly checking me out. He\'s dressed fairly smartly, bit of a girth, very beardy with a big nose. Probably late 50s, bit young for my liking, I tend to go for the late 60s but certainly hairy enough for me.

So as the morning wore on, I let my dress ride up a bit, showing off my best assets, naturally tanned and athletic legs. I licked my lips a fair amount and smiled at him from time to time. Glad I had washed my main of blonde hair and put on fresh red lipstick before I\'d arrived.

So during the morning break, we started chatting. He\'s married, semi retired, ex Army, a Major in fact, kids flown the nest, struck me as bored with his lot. I brushed his leg a few times and maintained lots of eye contact.

During the next session we couldn\'t stop staring at each other. By the lunch break he was suggesting a hotel down the road, one of those cheap seedy types.

I didn\'t need any encouragement. He sat on the bed as I knelt on the floor unzipping his flies. Out came a hard cock, rigid and in need of a good sucking. I flicked my tongue on his cock as I sucked slowly at first, licking his organ from top to root. His balls were heavy as I massaged both gently. He started to moan as I deep throated his lovely cock to the point that I was gagging a bit, good girth too. His hands started to stray down to my breasts, my nipples, hard and sensitive to his touch. I barely noticed my dress and bra come off, releasing my large 32 G breasts. He pushed my head away from his cock, I think he was on the verge of cumming too soon. He pushed me roughly onto the bed and started sucking my tits and nibbling my nipples. My tummy was churning, my pants were soaking.

The best was still to come, as he slipped my pants off and started to lick my pussy. I love a good licking and came quickly in his mouth. He didn\'t stop there - his middle finger pushed into my arse, then two, then three. Now it was my turn to really moan, I love anal and wanted that cock in my arse. He rolled me onto my knees on the bed and was covering his cock in my pussy juices. Slowly he pushed the head of his cock into my arse, I was so ready for it, it barely hurt. Once fully penetrated, I could hear his balls slapping against my cheeks. My tits were swinging, he gripped onto my shoulders as he pumped my arse, telling me what a dirty slut I was and how he had always wanted to fuck a youngster like me. I kept repeating \'fuck me Major, fuck me, harder Major, give me your spunk Major\'. He couldn\'t speak much longer though as I started to cum, my arse vibrating on his cock, tipping him over the edge. He cried out as he emptied his load into my arse, slumping on me when he was spent.

What a glorious day training after all and I\'ve got another one next week in Euston, here\'s hoping for more like him ...