Written by Kelly

21 Jun 2009

Hi Kelly here again with another one of my filthy fucks , one evening my pussy was chewing the leg of me so my partner suggested we go out a little drive , i agreed and excused myself for a short time and came back downstairs with a tight , black , p.v.c police womans dress clinging to me . H's cock stood there and then but i insisted he save his load of spunk until i begged for it later . So i very boldly strolled out to our car with my big , black , 10 inch rubber cock in my hand and we took off . H was very distracted while driving as i was rubbing the huge head of my toy up and down and all over my clit and then slid it all the way up my tight , wet pussy . H unzipped himself while driving and pulled his rock hard cock out and told me to start sucking it i love being told what to do so i did , there was quite a lot of pre cum dribling from his big cock , i fucked my dildo up me harder as i was cleaning up his mess with my tongue . We drove for a further 5 minutes and then pulled up at dogging spot in ayr . There was no one there so we moved on and pulled up in a layby at another supposed dogging spot , newton beach ,were we at the right place as still no action so i got out and strolled over to a wall which overlooked the sea and bent over the wall and started fucking myself this turned H on big time as there were cars driving by and men stopping to watch . Eventually i walked back over to our car and we drove to dogging spot at prestwick front to see if there was any action , there were two cars there but they did not wait long and it was just the two of us i started teasing H by talking complete filth and playing with my pussy working my fist up it as he started wanking his hard cock , about a couple

of minutes later a big car pulled up not that far from our car and an older , well dressed man got out and started to have a wonder about , he seemed a little hesitant to come over so H decided to try and get his attention by switching the interior light on and off a few times and sure enough it worked and by the time he got to the car my fist was out my cunt and my 10 inch rabbit was back up it and H was wanking , the older man was standing just a couple of feet from the car looking in at us and he unzipped his trousers , pulled out his hard cock and started wanking but stopped soon after as another car drove in but after the car left he came back again removed his cock from his trousers and started beating his meat severely while looking in the window at us , my legs were spread wide , feet up on the dashboard and i was really throwing my toy up me hard and H was rubbing my clit while wanking himself and i moaned and then squirted everywhere , the man just blew his load over the side off our car after seeing that and then left . H and i agreed it was fun but we still wanted to fuck so we drove to another dogging spot at greening shore and got out the car .Nobody here either so we decided to just make our own entertainment . We were both bursting for a piss at this point so as i let go and pissed myself he did also all over my clit .He then bent me over and pissed what was left up my cunt , he pounded me very hard till he emptied a massive load of cum up me , it felt so good standing there with my pvc gear on , cum & piss running out me , i love feeling like a dirty slut , just a pity no one else had been there to see our filthy antics . We then got into the car and decided to go home as it was past midnight at this point but the fun was far from over cause as soon as we got home and into bed we screwed again after H had gone down on me tasting & lapping up the cum & piss from my cunt . He was rock hard by this point so it was my ass that took the pounding this time . We fucked a couple more times during the night & as it was a rotten wet day the next day we just stayed in bed & ended up fucking 9 times in a 24 hour period and i came 16 times during one of the fucks as H was using some real filthy talk , the bed was a total soaking mess . H's cock is amazing my orgasims are multiple with him , i am very glad to say that seen as i am only 28 and he is only 35 we have a lot of fucking left in us so therfore i'll have many more stories to write and you will have plenty more to read , will write again soon , Kelly