Written by Grant

6 Jan 2015

Reading the Spa Surprise story on here reminded me of a similar one i had at Rio's Around 10 years ago. since the early 90s i discovered this Naturist Spa and went every 2 to 3 weeks....firstly to see naked women and on the off Chance i get laid. By the mid 90s I'd discovered their couples only Saturday night's, and they also Expanded their Premises. Basically they had 3 Jacuzzi and a pool downstairs, along with a couple of saunas and Two Steam rooms. The first Floor consisted of Around 8 rest rooms....where you could go and lock the door if you wished. The Second Floor was a Large open space. I got Myself a couple of Regular swinging partners and went at Least Twice a Month. Usually there was an atmosphere of small pockets of sex with the feeling everyone was watching and waiting for it to really Kick off. very Occasionally it did and i Remember a 2 hour orgy with a never ending stream of bodies doing stuff to each Other.

However this story relates to my first bisexual Experience. This particular Saturday night I'd gone with a Beautiful blonde....older than me...i was mid 30s whereas she was pushing 50. very fuckable and good currency at swingers clubs because most men wanted to fuck her. We'd hooked up with an odd couple...she a very slim Latino woman...early 20s and not naked...she was in a Tiny Tiny Bikini. Her partner waste black Fella in his Late 40s. Quite a big guy too. As is often the case the girls put on a show....the Latino's Bikini was Long gone. I was just watching and wanking....encouraging the girls to do a 69. Once they Maneuvered themselves i wasted no Time in fucking the Latino....my partner Alternating Between Sucking Her clit and my balls.

The black guy was Standing close behind me....reaching Round to grope his partner arse.then without Warning he Held my balls tight. Not what i expected. I didn't Resist and he then licked his finger before sliding it up by bum. I considered Myself straight but open minded. I was balls deep into his partner so didn't object. what came next was my introduction to anal...Giving and receiving.

He reached Round and Grabbed the base of my cock...pulling it out of Her cunt and Slipping it up Her arse. This was new and i loved the Sensation.all this Time his finger was up my bum. I was so engrossed in what was happening I'm Front of me that i never felt him entering me Until it waNigels too Late. Suddenly i had a big black cock inside me. I loved the Sensation and sadly after just a few strokes we both came. The Two of them dropped to their Knees and cleaned me up. Carolyn, my swinging partner was Oblivious to what had just happened but apparently turned on to watch a guy Feasting on my cock.

it did open a New World Though and our next visit involved an all way bisexual Foursome with a 20s Asian couple but that Experience will be told another Time...