Written by srarling25

16 Feb 2012

wrote yesterday 15/2/12 abouy my wife maries adventures with a guy we met on holiday,well heres another from our list of escapades that has happened during our marriage and later on a few saucy incidents from our courting days.Any way this all started some 15 years ago Marie asked me if she could go on a weekend trip to blackpool with a bunch of girls from a nearby village as a girl had suddenly dropped out the trip was the next day fri to return home mon it was in oct when the illuminations were on,i was a bit pissed off with her as we had never been apart over night before but agreed thinking she works hard and never asks for much.I helped her pack her case as she was going to stay at her friends house so she could catch the coach with them the next morning.we packed a couple of pairs of jeans a sweater and cardigan and a coat plus a few bras and knickers that sort of thing i said theres not much there and nothing too special so she threw. in a dress explaining that she probably wouldnt need it as the weather was not looking good So off she went whilst there she phoned me a couple of times saying she was missing me and said they all spent most of the time shopping during the day and drinking at night in the hotel as they had a good caberet show on each night,for any of you that know blackpool the hotel is the Viking and i have found out since that it is thought to be on of the better hotels in blackpool.any way i picked her up on monday evening from her friends house they had got back at aruond 5pm and after a coffee i brought her back home she was a bit tired and said she wasnt up for telling me about the trip and that there wasnt much yo say any way.the children were in when we got back so i couldnt get the rampant sex that i had been looking forward to and when we went to bed she said she was too tired for sex as she had had 3 late nights and didnt really feel like haveing srx any way to say i was pissed off is an understatement.Weekspassed before she seemed her old self again and all she said about blackpool was that it was cold and wet but the hotel was very good other than that nothing to say really.So now fump to sep the following year and out of the blue she says shed like to go to blackpool again on the same trip as last year.I said no as last year when she came home she was moody for about a month and i nwasnt going through that again,she kept at me for dsys saying she would return in a better mood this time and addmitted that she was out of order with her moodiness last year.Any way as in any tussle with man and wife theres always only going to be one winner and i relented a few weeks later she packed her case on wed night ready for me to take her to her friends on thursday evening to catch the coach on friday morning I got home from work at 3pm on thuersday she was due in as usual at 5pm.something was yelling me that some how things were not right and i could noy resist the urge tolook in her suit case i was amazed to see new matching underwear stockings with seems suspender belts and two new very expensive looking dresses that looked like they would struggle to cover her stocking tops.I could not say any thing whrn she got home as i didnt wish to be accused of spying on her.The weekend passed with just one phone call from her which again pissed me off.I brought her home on monday night band yes she was in a better mood than the same time 12 months ago when we got in she told me to go up to bed and she woul be up soon as the children had gone to their friends for tea and we should make the most of it she came up 10 miniutes later and gave me a great blow job saying she was to tired tu make love we went down stairs a short while later and when i went into the kitchen saw that the washing machine was on when i queried this she just said she wanted to get it done as she had a lot of house work to catch up on as she had been away for the weekend and i as usual had done nothing to help out.all through the year she was reluctant to talk about blackpool and it caused several arguments.When i asked her a few weeks later about the new dresses and sexy underwear she said she had bought them in blackpool ,now i was sure some thing was going on.the following year come september the same agai can i go to blackpool yes i said but this is your last time as im getting fed up of it this is 3 years in a row and so make it yur last.blackpool duly came and went and i noticed when she got home she was making a special effort to be nice to me.A week or so later when the children were stayin at there grans over night we opened a couple of bottles of wine with the intention of having a sexy and cosy night in after an hour or so when marie was a little tipsy (it doesent take much)I took her glass off her and sai right i now want to know whats going on at blackpool i know you bought thesexy underwear at home so thats one lie for a start now come clean as this is starting to play on my mind more and more She broke down in tears and hugged me tight crying inconsolabley she the said ill tell you fro the beginning but i feel tis may be the end of us.she went on to say that 3 years earlier she had met a guy in the hotel ill call him john as i feel it safer to keep his name secret and she had slept wiyh m on all 3 nights and that she had to admit that she had never orgasmed as good in all her life and that he had an amazing t.hick cock and could and did fuck all night long.To say i was hurt is putting it mildly as i know my cock is small and i am not an energetic lover but she had never complaimed about it,she went on to say that each of the following two years had been arranged as they left the hotelon monday lunchtime with the 3rd year even arranging to be booked into his room rather than flit from her shared room to his each night and morning.I joined her in crying and have never felt so hurt or low in all my life and we agreed to go to bed in separate beds there and the and talk about it the next day when we were not under the influence of alchole so next eveng when the girls were in bed we talked and i told her how hurt i was at her cheating in this way.She told me that though it was no excuse almost all of the women in fact 18 out of 22 were doing the same thing andW some had been doing it since the trips started 10 years ago.We talked for some time and i told her to tell me all the details so i knew what had happened and in my own way i thought this would bring closure to it,she went on to say that she had been fucked in evey way possible even anal but had to stop as he was so big she was hurting a lot (we had never had or attemptrd anal together a she was not up for that)he fucked her in the shower,leant on the win dowsill with the curtains open and both completley naked and the ligt switched on and were watchr by 4 guys waitin for the tram at the other side of the road even letting it go by so they could watch the whole show and even clapped when they finishe even though they could only see her tits bouncing it had tuned hrr on and as he was stuck up her from behind he could see they were being watched and it seemed to turn him on even more.she sucked him off quite a few times and kissed the spunk into his mouth and the both swallowes together some thing he seemed to enjoy i couldnt believe what i was hearing she had never been adventurous with me.We got over it but harie was vey coy for the next month or so and i have to admit our sex life recieved a welcome boost.well time passes by and before we knew it was sep when marie recievd a phone call from her friend from the trip i asked what she wanted and was told she had rung up to see if she was still going to blackpool but had told her she woudnt be going as i was moaning about her going away each year .i was fuming as i said it was her being a married woman cheating on her husnand that was the problem she agreed but said she could hardly tell her friend that i knew what was happening.the next couple of days passed and one enening marie asked me to talk again about blackpool saying that the weekend there was so important to her and that she some how felt it did our married life more good than harm i eventually gave in but told her that there was to be no more lies or secrets about it so she wemt and continued going for a total of 13 years each time sharing a room with john and each time getting more and more adventurous even bring home some knickers that she had worn while he fucked her up against the wall of a back street car park they were covered in dried up spunk which she rubbed all over my face and made me lick the gusset of them this all ended two years a go as the trips came to an ebd and though john wanted to continue his annual sex fext she said she thought it bettet to bring it to a natural end i must admit over the years this had grown on me and i was more than a little dissapointed when it all ended.A year later she told me that in a strange sort of way she had loved john but had always known that one day it had to come to an end.This is a true and acurate account of a long annual affai with bits that i may have forgotten missed out yes its a strange way for a married couple to carry on but i have to say it worked for us and i do miss it and i secretley think marie misses john more than she admits we are going to blackpool 1st weekend in march and she is going to show me the car park wall where she was fucked by her lover and no she says i cant fuck her there as it will spoil the memory