Written by YorkieBar121

12 Jan 2017

As in my previous story ( surprise customer) I collect and deliver things to customers. I'd been to a bungalow in snainton near Scarborough to collect something for repair. I was met by an elderly man. Probably late 70s. Maybe 80s. He was tall balding white hair. His wife was small and abit deaf. I did what I needed to do and left. About a week later I had to deliver his item back to him and I was feeling horny and had a feeling about him that I wanted to flash at him if I could so I wore a pair of purple Lacey thongs instead of my boxers under my uniform. As I pulled up to the bungalow I folded my top over at the back and pulled my trousers down a little so if I bent over he would see my thong. I knocked on the door and he answered. I gave him his item and was making small talk with him when he said he was having trouble with his lock on his car door. I offered to look at it for him so followed him into his garage. I thought here's my chance to give him a flash. He stood behind me between the car and the wall of the garage. He passed me some WD40 to spray the lock. As I did I bent over to give him a good view. I stayed like it for a minute or two then told him it was fine now and showed him that it all works ok. He said thanks and offered me a coffee. I said yes and I followed him into his kitchen through the rear door. I felt to see if my thong was showing over the top of my trousers and it was. Again I bent right over with my back to him to take my shoes off but mainly to flash at him again. I was still bent over as he turned to me to ask if I wanted coffee or tea. He stuttered slightly when he saw me bent over again. I said coffee and he made us both one and we stood in the kitchen talking. He was saying he was wanting to cut the top off some trees in his garden to let more light into the kitchen. I thought here's my chance to flash again so I leant onto the worktop to look out at the trees and he came and stood next to me and looked out too. He was very close with his leg touching mine. I pressed into him still talking about the trees as I felt his hand stroke over my arse and across my thong onto my bare back and then back down onto my arse again. I pushed my arse onto his hand as an invite. We carried on talking about the trees and looking out the window with him still carressing my arse. His hand had gone back onto my thong and he slid his fingers inside my trousers. Still chatting like it wasn't happening. I moved my arse to say I like what he was doing then he said he loved my knickers and he hasn't seen anything like that for a long time. I turned to him and undid my trousers and let them drop down to he had a good view. Front and back. He stroked my cock as I reached for his bulge. I rubbed him and undid his trousers and pulled his big cock free. He was stroking my arse with both hands as I went down on him. I said what if your wife comes in. He said she won't and pushed my head back onto his cock making me gag. I sucked him until he came in my mouth and cleaned him up. We did our trousers back up and I left but not before I gave him my number and said if he wants a hand with cutting the trees down to give me a call and I'll come and help.