Written by cwown

2 Apr 2009

This is a follow on story from “a truely erotic meeting” which I wrote about at the end of last year. I had met a couple who were looking for sexual exploration. They were looking for a no sex meeting with touching and arousal. A scenario I was more than happy to assist with. Anyway the first meeting was extremely successful and all involved thoroughly enjoyed themselves. It was always meant to be a one off. But having enjoyed it so much Bob was keen to take it further and re meet. I was slightly concerned that he was pushing H into a situation that she was unsure about. We talked on the phone and over e-mails and it became apparent that the enjoyment she had had the first time was something she wanted to experience again. Dates never quite came together so nothing happened until after Christmas. Dates came and potential meetings were cancelled. Then we hit upon a date that seemed to meet both mine and their diaries. Final confirmation was about 3 hours before the meeting. Bob and I had talked a lot on the phone before the meeting as Bob we keen to have a very clear plan of attack so everyone knew the boundaries and where things were going. He’s regularly asked me how far I’d like to go. It’s an extremely difficult question to be asked. The obvious and burning desire it to be allowed to slide my cock deep into her but you can’t exactly say that to the ladies husband especially as she is the slightly reserved one and the last thing I’d want to do is scare her with my desire. I therefore had to play it coy and not push the boat too far. BJ or fingering etc was my standard answer. When pushed I did explain my desire to come in her mouth. Possibly pushed too hard as his response was she might not be up for that. My immediate caveat was one of respect and abiding by any boundaries set. I would love to have turned around to bob and told him I was desperate to treat his wife exactly how he did and have no boundaries, but it’s just not the done thing. So wanting to kiss her and feel her inner warm would remain my secret.

The meeting place was the same as before the travel lodge on the M6 J10. I was running late, about 5 minutes from the hotel my phone rang and Bob asked where I was. They too were late but not as late as me!!!. I’ll be five minutes I replied. No problem see you in the services, was his replied. Before I knew it I was parked up in the car park and making my way across the forecourt to the services. I walked into the newsagent and Bob was stood there waiting for me. We shook hands and our nerves were far more controlled than last time. We’d passed pleasantries and suggested a coffee. We stood in line. Bob asked what I wanted and whilst waiting my eyes were darting around the seating area trying to locate and remember the beauty of his wife. Nowhere was she to be seen, Bob piped up that she had gone to the ladies so may be a few minutes. It suddenly dawned on me that she had found a seat but it was tight under the partitioning wall for the seating area. My view of H would have to wait until we sat down. Drinks were ordered and we made our way to the seating. As I rounded the corner I looked straight at H and realised that time had played tricks on the memory and she was more beautiful than I had remembered. She smiled and looked at me. A warm smile that relaxed me and may me want her even more. She was a sophisticated lady and I had often heard the phrase MILF and she certainly headed up that category in my brain. We chatted and drank our drinks. The split in her skirt gave me a little view of her stocking tops. We had talked about her flashing me but the numbers of people sitting around us prevented this. Not a bad thing as it just increased the desire in me. Conversation was relaxed and it soon turned to that point where Bob said lets go get the room sorted out. H and Bob got up and made their way out of the services. The back of her was a gorgeous as before and I can’t wait to get her naked once more, and more than likely the last time.

I make my may to my car to wait for the phone call. 10 mintues pass and Bob rang me to tell me they have had a few problems. First room the bed was unmade and the same in the second room. Eventually the third room was correct and I was given the make your way up in about five minutes room 208 line. Bob suddenly corrected himself and said you may as well make your way up now. I walked into reception and confidently smiled at the receptionist who did not try to stop or question me. I bounced up the flight of stairs and was soon stood outside room 2008. I gently knocked on the door and Bob opened it. H was standing on the far side of the bed clearly waiting for me. Bob was all excited and quickly took up his seat next to H. His words were; well it’s over to you guys. I moved into H and gently kissed the side of her neck. She responded by kissing the side of my face. My hands moved up her body and caressed her breast. She started undoing my tie and shirt. Not wanting to be the first naked I started undoing her skirt; it fell to the floor to reveal her shapely and stocking clad legs. A beautiful site. We continued to undress each other until we were down to just our underwear. I was nervous and unsure exactly how far I should go. I was running my hand up the inside of her thigh and tight against the edge of her knickers. All of a sudden she took hold of my hand and fed it into her knickers. The shear seximess of this move will remain with me forever I have never felt anything as sexy and empowering as this. I ran my hand down and found her wetness. A reassuring and welcoming feeling......TBC