Written by Cuckold A

18 Nov 2008

A few weeks ago a few of us went out for my wife, Diane’s birthday. I must confess that I had too much to drink. My friend John shared our taxi and helped Diane in with me. They dropped me into a chair and Diane offered John a coffee. I was pretty drunk but surprisingly not sleepy. So when John sat at the side of Dianne I pretended to doze and watched them as I know he’s always had a crush on her.

At first they just made small talk, joking with one another. Then I noticed that John’s hand was on Dianne’s thigh and she wasn’t moving it. Over the next ten minutes his hand inched higher and higher till it was virtually next to her snatch. Then John lent forward and kissed my wife. For a couple of minutes she kissed him back. I guess I should have been jealous or angry but I was just horny and aching to see what would happen next.

Diane pushed him away and said she couldn’t with me in the room. They both looked at me. For a couple of seconds I was sure they’d see I was awake, if just by the hard on I had. “He’s well out of it,” said John and put his hand back on her leg. He kissed her again and pushed up her skirt, exposing her thigh. She kissed him back and stopped protesting. John put his hand on my wife’s tit and groped it as he kissed her. She was enjoying herself by now and had forgotten about me. John’s hand dropped to his jeans. He unzipped, took out his cock and placed my wife’s hand on it. She took his penis in her hand and started to wank him as they continued kissing the face off one another.

“Suck it Di” I heard him whisper and she slid down his body and took his cock in her mouth. Its not something she usually enjoys but she sucked on Johns cock with relish. As I watched through slitted eye’s I saw my mate’s stiff, glistening dick slip in and out of my wife’s mouth. He was loving it. As I watched she licked his shaft and sucked on his balls. Eventually he pushed her to the floor, pushed up her skirt and virtually tore off her knickers. For the next ten minutes or so I watched as he pounded his meat into Diane’s cunt. She was moaning and biting a cushion trying not to scream as he made her orgasm. Then he shot his seed into my wife’s gaping cunt.

Then he lay kissing her for a couple of minutes then he wiped his dick clean on his underwear. I made a groaning noise and it was all I could do not to smile as he quickly dressed. I swear he said “thank you” to Dianne for letting him screw her then kissed her and left. She left me downstairs and went to bed after masturbating over what had just happened and a doze I joined her. She’s not on the pill as we use condoms so I was surprised she’d allowed John to empty his balls into her cunt. I wondered if she’d have unprotected sex with me to cover herself. Or maybe she would admit what had happened; after all we’d all had a lot to drink.

Sure enough the next morning I woke to Diane sucking my cock. When she had me hard She climbed on board and mounted me. I smiled and wished her a good morning as I groped her tits and let her fuck me. After a couple of minutes I warned her I was going to cum. She ground her body into me so my cock was trapped deep in her cunt and I faked cumming. She rolled off me and kissed me good morning and then popped to make a coffee.

Since that night I’ve hinted a couple of times that I’d like to see her fuck another man. But she’s still not told me about John. She’s a couple of weeks late now and I’m beginning to wonder if I should tell her what I saw. But I can’t help thinking would all women fuck someone else if they thought they wouldn’t get caught? Are all women slags? I really do hope so.