Written by Carol

12 Jan 2016

I try to be faithful while he's away on those eight month deployments, but it's hard. I love my sex and as young marrieds when he's home we fuck almost every day. But I've found I also like to experience different sized cocks and the feel of other men between my legs. Sometimes it's better, sometimes not, but it's always good to have a strange cock sliding up my pussy, stretching it in a way different than I'm used to. Don't misunderstand, my husband's cock satisfies me. He's above average in length and girth, but I can sometimes find a bigger one and feel that extra stretching is so wonderful to experience.. But size isn't everything - a man's technique can make a big difference. If he is energetic and can pound my pussy with it with a good bit of stamina, he can make me go out of my mind and I'll come forever, shouting and screaming my pleasure.

Yesterday afternoon was the fifth week he was away on this one and I finally couldn't stand it any longer. I went to the club and sat at a table in the bar sipping my drink and giving off that indefinable something that tells a man that a woman, even a married one, is available. The problem with me going the first time is that, no matter how great the subsequent sex is, my willpower to remain faithful for the rest of his deployment vanishes and I become a slut, constantly looking to get laid.

Well, it didn't take very long for him to approach, even though it was too early for even the 'happy hour' crowd to be there. I knew him slightly and wondered what he was doing there. Didn't he need to be in his work place? Plus, he was married. He sat down and asked how long it had been. I knew exactly what he meant. I replied that it was five weeks, and he said he didn't think a 'hottie' like me could wait that long. I laughingly told him to cut the crap and asked if he was available or was he just teasing me.

He stood and offered me his hand and said 'let's go to yours since there will be no one else there'. Once inside, we kissed in the lounge and I suddenly couldn't wait to be fucked. He caught my sudden frenzy of sexual need and we attacked each other, tearing at each other's clothes. Soon naked, he quickly fingered me to a come as we stood there roughly exploring each other's mouth with our tongues. I gasped out my climax as his fingers fucked my pussy with savage thrust.

Without giving me a chance to recover, he got me down on the lounge floor on my back, roughly spread my legs apart and pulled my knees up, then fell on me as he shoved his good sized rampant cock up me. I gasped at the violence of it, but gladly wrapped my arms and legs about his body and fucked him with my hips. He matched my need with hard cock thrusts and we fucked our way to several minutes of building pleasure that ended with me shouting out my next climax. To his credit, he continued to fuck me to prolong my pleasure.

He didn't stop, but fucked me to two more orgasms before withdrawing and rolling me over onto my hands and knees, taking me from the rear. In that position his cock reached deeper, and that in combination with doggie being my favorite position, led me to several more quick intense comes, during the last of which he came and flooded my pussy with his hot cum propelled by about a dozen violent and deep cock thrusts. I literally screamed out a simultaneous climax, then collapsed beneath him on the carpet, totally fucked out.

I must have fallen asleep from sexual exhaustion because he was gone when I awoke about an hour later. That session held me for a couple of days, but then my horniness built again and I needed to get laid again. He timed his call well because I was about to go to the club when he called, telling me his wife would be out for a few hours and he wanted me again. I invited him over and we fucked for a solid hour with him giving me orgasms in several positions.

We became a regular twosome in my bed, fucking a couple of times a week whenever he could get away from his wife. In between times, when I needed some cock and he wasn't available, I got someone from the club during the evening and fucked him wherever we could if we didn't have time to go to mine. I was had behind buildings, in cars, on the grass in wooded areas - anywhere at all. The possibility of discovery by passersby heightened it for me. God, I was wanton during that deployment, but was lucky enough not to be caught.

When hubby returned, he fucked me for a solid week, several times a day, getting his horniness out of his system, then told me he had heard from two people what I was doing. Thinking he was angry, I started to apologize, but he pulled me up short and said he didn't mind since he was getting it regularly from a married woman also on that deployment. We compared notes and got so turned on by each other's sexual experiences, we fucked the rest of the night.

God, I love to fuck!