Written by Army mate

15 Aug 2011

I joined the Army in 1973 and was doing my training as a mechanic at Bordon in Hants. I had befriended a Scots guy who was in the next room to mine, we got on really well and spent any social time we had together.

We would have a sports afternoon each wednesday and decided to get a train to Guildford to go swimming there and then to have a few beers afterwards.

After a swim and messing about in the pool, we went up to the Bar, we had a few beers and were watching the people in the pool through the large windows.

I became of a lady at the next table looking our way and mentioned it to my mate. We were barely 18 and quite naive. Anyway, I made eye contact more frequently over the next 15 mins and as it was my turn to get the drinks I looked at her and pointed to my glass and then at her empty one and raised my eyebrows, she smiled and nodded and I got her a refill.

I brought the drinks back and said I was going to chat with her to my mate and he said, ok, see how it goes.

I sat down opposite her and gave her the drink and said "Cheers, I'm Brian","I'm Paula" she said, "thanks for the drink". I would guess she was in her 40's with plump breasts and a nice figure, the drinks were making me feel brave and I said that I had noticed her looking at me. She replied that she often came to the pool to watch the guys in their tight trunks as her husband was always away working. I blushed and asked if she had watched me and Bill in the pool, she said yes, but mainly me as my bulge looked so big.

She laughed as she watched me blushing, she said I was very handsome and loved my blond hair and sexy smile, I tod her she was very nice too. She asked me to come with her and I stood up and followed her to the corner which was out of sight of the bar, she put her hands behind my head and started snogging me! My cock stiffened rapidly and she groaned as she felt me harden against her. My cock was soon fully erect and painfully hard, at 8 inches, I have always been aware that I'm bigger than a lot of guys.

She asked if we would like to come to her house, I said we would, but would have to get a train back to came at 8.30pm, she replied that there was no rush as she would drive us.

I went and told Bill and he said ok straight away, we went to the carpark and she drove us to her house about 10 minutes away. In the lounge she got us both a beer, then sat on my lap and started snogging again, I began feeling her tits and her legs and motioned to Bill to have a feel too, he lifted her dress and felt her ass and her tits.

She stood suddenly and I thought she was offended, but she said we would be more comfortable in the bedroom. Upstairs she told us to undress and rather shyly, I did so in front of Bill, he grinned awkwardly and undressed too, his cock was hard too. She quickly took her things off and dropped to her knees, she pulled us towards her and took my cock deep into her mouth and began sucking me, I thought I was going to cum but she stopped sucking me and started sucking Bill instead.

She asked Bill to lay on the bed and got into a 69 on top of him, I watched jealously as he began licking her and she sucked him, then she said "What are you waiting for, fuck me"

I got behind her and pushed my prick slowly inside her, as I began fucking her I had the added sensation as Bill was still licking her. I felt his tongue on my shaft a few times as I fucked her but thought it was accidental, but the licking occurred more and more frequently and I was surprised at how much I was enjoying it as I had never had any bi inclinations before. Then he started licking and sucking my balls which felt lovely, Paula suddenly laughed and said I think he likes your cock as much as me Brian.

She wiggled out from between us and told me to lay down, I did so and she told Bill to suck my cock as she had never seen a guy suck another guy. Bill went down on me immediately, sucking me beautifully, Paula was playing with her pussy as she watched then she knelt above me and lowered her wet cunt on to my face.

She was gasping and groaning as she writhed on my face, I was gasping too, but only because I was finding it hard to breathe!

She got up and said for Bill to fuck my mouth and I was so turned on that I opened my mouth to his swollen knob as soon as it touched my lips. To this day, I still love sucking cock, whether a woman is present or not.

We carried on our kinky 3some for several hours and both of us spunked inside Paula. She drove us back to Barracks afterwards as promised and we arranged to meet the following Wednesday at the Pool.

In those days, homosexuality was a big no-no in the Army, but Bill and I would sometimes find some time to suck each other.

Our meets with Paula continued until we finished our training, Bill was posted to Germany and I was posted to Warminster where my sex life increased amazingly as I discovered the delights of Army wives whose husbands were away.

Sorry if I have gone on a bit, but hope you enjoyed my story, it is totally true.