Written by like2bseen

17 Nov 2009

You will recall from my previous story that I belong a local art class and that we had just witnessed my girlfriend Karen knelt in a pose on the male model with his enormous cock buried deep inside her and that she'd brought them both to a climax just by squeezing the muscles in her cunt around his erection.

I was really turned on by what I'd just seen as were all the other guys who had abandoned their drawing and were in various stages of rubbing their cocks. I walked up to Karen who was still knelt astride Michael with him still deep inside her. I gave her a long, lingering kiss and told her that what had just happened was fantastic to watch and asked if she'd enjoyed it too.

She lifted herself off Michael's cock and moved forward to take my throbbing cock in her mouth. Michael's cum was now oozing out of her dripping cunt and she sat on his face so he was then in a position to lick her fanny as she sucked me. The other guys approached us and a couple of them began to suck and play with her tits and take turns in rubbing their cocks against them.

Michael's cock soon came back to life and he moved from underneath her. she was now on all fours still sucking me. I laid underneath her in a 69 position with her sucking me and me licking her still dripping cunt. Michael positioned himself behind her and quickly slipped his 10" back into her soaking wet fanny and began to fuck her doggy style. The view I had of him sliding his full length into her right in front of my eyes was amazing and in no time I shot my load deep in her mouth. My now limp cock was immediately replaced by another one of the artist's but I was totally transfixed on watching Michael fuck her. I was aware that others in the room kept moving positions presumably taking turns to have their cocks sucked by Karen. Michael seemed to fuck her for ages and I'm sure that she was having a continual orgasm as he fucked her and I was licking her clitoris as he did. After a while he seemed to thrust even deeper into her and I could tell that he was unloading a second load of cum deep in her.

Everyone in the room was now sweating and the atmosphere was electric. Karen, Michael and me were soaking wet but sadly it was time to stop before the caretaker returned to lock up after our class.

No-one in the room appeared to have got anywhere near completing their drawings so arrangements were made to pick up were we left off the following week with both Karen and Michael assuring us that they were keen for us to complete the pictures.

I took drove Karen home but she insisted that we stopped on the way at a local lay-by to relief her immediate need for me to fuck her as Michael had earlier. I asked if she was looking forward to next week to which she replied, "Mmmmmm. Yes please."

The next class proved to be even more eventful.