Written by Mark

14 Jan 2015

As I told you on the 12th my wife had started a relationship with her boss Paul none of this was behind my back I knew all about it and was encouraging it, this was very different from any thing we had dabbled in before as I told you last time we tried swapping and it didn't' really work Kathy the wife seemed to enjoy being with another man but I guess I was unlucky with the women we meet, there was something I didn't realize at the time I was getting a big buzz from my wife getting screwed by the other husband

So this was a fellow on from that, if I had stopped and thought about I may of seen the direction we where going in but things developed slowly and if we had not tried the swapping first I would of worried about what my wife was doing with another man as it was all it did was excite me, the other factor in this was Paul I am guessing in the beginning he had my wife working for him and he may of thought she be receptive for a leg over, he knew she was married and I guess when he got chatting to her the vibes were there that she may play away and I would say that was his line of thought right up to the first time he took her out

I know now Paul is not the the sort of guy to miss much and his got a dark side to him, his divorced and been single a long time he is quite well off, we didn't know that much about him at that time all I know was he had chatted Kathy up she fancied him and she come home and told me this, I had said well if it feels right basically I will not stand in the way go for it, at the time I had it in my mind she get fucked and have a good time

and Paul would think he got a married woman getting a bit of extra marital cock and the husband don't know

As I have jest said Paul don't miss much, it didn't take him long to guess that the husband me, had a back seat involvement and we didn't know he played that game before it was fate the way this came together, the question he asked, what would I say if I knew Kathy was out with another and she said I wouldn't mined and her willingness to go back to his then to stay the night, must of told him all he wanted to know and when he put a love bite on her neck in the height of passion and when in the morning she said to him look what you have done and he said you have to tell your husband I have left my mark he wasn't joking he had left it for me to see

The experience for me the waiting and knowing what was happening had really excited and turned me on, I did that shift at work we a constant semi stiff on and coming home that evening with Kathy teasing I was rampant it even surprised Kathy how hard I fucked her

Kathy's next date was arranged when she was at work, she phoned me and asked if that was alright with me, I told her it was

It was the same as last time Katy got ready and I drove her to the restaurant it was mid week and I asked was she coming home that night she said she would she had to go work next day, so I asked should I pick her up or not, well she didn't know if it was only a meal or there be more to it and she would let me know, I had stopped as we finished the conversation , I looked over to the restaurant and a middle aged man stood by the doorway he was looking at the car I asked is that Paul, my wife looked saying yes its him, she kissed me on the cheek and got out, I waited a few moments and watched, she walked up to him they embraced then he waved to me before going in the door

This may seem strange but seeing the other man if you like, didn't upset me at all it stirred my dick a little instead, Kathy told me over the meal Paul asked about me and did I see the love bite on her neck, she I did he then wanted to know my reaction she said I was okay that lead on to her telling him I was okay with her seeing him and didn't mind at all, I think that was the point Paul knew he had found the right woman and couple for him

He took my wife back to his and gave her a good fucking, it was after eleven my phone rang, it was Kathy she asked if I could pick her up, I said yes she told me she was at Paul's and gave me the address, when I got there I didn't want to go to the door so I phoned her, she said be a minuet and I be out, the door opened she she appeared then Paul Kathy got in the car and he came to my side I opened the window and he introduced himself

and we shook hands , it was a very short conversation and we drove off

The drive home started a bit strange at first it was like we didn't know what to say, Kathy said you know I love you and you are a wonderful husband not many would let this happen, after that we started talking, she lent over and kissed my cheek and put her hand on my lap she giggled saying you horny sod, once in the house I wanted her there and then

She was giggling telling to wait, she ran upstairs with me behind her,I was seconds in getting her undressed and my cloths off, my cock was as hard as rock, I was going to experience something very new something I had never done before

I pushed my cock into a very wet and slimy pussy it felt loose and stretched it felt wonderful it was warm almost hot, I fucked hard and fast I could feel my pubes getting wet

It also made Kathy climax very quickly she was still cumming as I let my load go

We lay there holding each other it was like she didn't want to let me go we were both out of breath, I don't know about me being horny Kathy was as randy as I was

It was obvious Paul's cock was bigger than mine or at lest it felt like it was, at the time, if I had been thinking it would've been obvious my wife had started to enjoy having two different men as we had jest done she was to admit to that not long after that, I know now any woman is more than capable of having multiple partners than a man is, they have got it wrong in some parts of the world where men have two wives

So we had started something what is still with us today,I fucked my wife every night that week not the once or twice which was normal for us

The situation at work for Kathy seemed to work out okay with her sleeping with Paul and him being her boss, she came home that week to ask if she could stay the night at his that weekend I agreed, it was to be the Friday night, this a little different she was coming home from work and I was going to take her to Paul's she was take a change of closes

So that evening she got ready and I drove to his house with an overnight bag

When we arrived Paul asked me in, the truth was I felt nervous about that,he was a very nice man very pleasant,he tanked me to bring Kathy over he also said we have a nice arrangement and Kathy told him I am fine with that and as he smiled he said lets hope she let it move on later I expect you would like that, I didn't get a chance to reply

Any way I left them to it, he brought her home about mid day the next day and he came in I got thanked for letting her stop at his, he told me what a wonderful woman she is

Before he went he kissed Kathy in front of me, as he was going he said you can have some fun now and patted her bum

It wasn't long after he left we were in bed and my cock was in a very sloppy and very well used pussy, I didn't have to suggest going to bed my wife did that she was very enthusiastic she was very aroused she keep telling me to fuck her and when she sensed I was close to cumming she shouted yes darling cum in me, that was a first

When I got the details of there night together it seemed he fucked her after I left before going fir a meal then again twice in the night, it seems Paul is one of them blokes that can repeat with a short brake between he also had her again before bring her home the next day oh yes he had left a mark on her this time a love bit to the side of one breast, he asked Kathy to tell him if I noticed

That was the start over the next few months I was shearing my wife with Paul, there was a change in Kathy she started to want sex with me a lot more as well as getting it from Paul

There was other things he got more friendly with me and my wife spoke of him as her second husband which he had became in away, two other significant things happened the first after Kathy arrived home from Paul's it was the rush to bed but that time she grabbed my cock and started sucking me then she swung her legs over my head and before I knew it her soaking well fuck pussy was in my face it seemed a natural thing to do I licked it and got the taste of another mans cum for the first time with in a moment I shot my load

That happen like that a couple of times till eating a sloppy pussy became part of our sex

The other thing was and it was one I thought would never happen because it was something my wife would never do before this, she asked for anal sex , well it was a dream come true for me, we tried it she said it was a little uncomfortable but she enjoyed it after that we started doing it and Kathy liked it, now both of them were suggested by Paul but she never said that at the time, when I did get told it seems he had tried anal with her but he is bigger than me and she found it painful but after we started doing it she said she started to enjoy it with him. they did it quite a lot when I was going down on her pussy her ares hole is very close

There affair relationship didn't look like it was going to come to a end it was very obvious my wife didn't want it to, she was getting an awful lot of cuck from the two of us, I don't think either of us knew it, she had started to need it sex had become a big part of her life, she was doing things she would of never dreamed of doing like she had given a blow job when I was driving and thought it was funny, I have fucked her in the car when cars past by and in the garden and all over the house, she go a very different attitude to sex now than she had before thing were going to develop a lot more, that happen after a year of sharing my wife with Paul