Written by TD

4 Aug 2009

I work in Canary Wharf in London – doing a dull job that is well paid. The scenery is great there are beautiful girls everywhere you look – the views are very good on sunny days.

I have had a string of relationships with young girls at work but a recent relationship has been all together different and is leaving a lasting impression on me.

Ad works just down the corridor from me, I see her 100 times a day as I walk back and forth to my office. At first I just admired her from afar but the longer time past (a couple of years) we would smile at each other as a way of acknowledging each other and saying hello. I fancied her from the moment I saw her.

Ad is a very pretty Asian lady in her mid 30’s – she has beautiful brown eyes, long black hair and a sweet smile. I eventually found an opportunity to speak to her and was suitably impressed by her pleasant manner; enough to be intrigued and to want to talk to her again. I found a whole range of pathetic excuses to get her into my office, to close the door and to ask her opinion on a whole range of nonsense. We both knew it was rubbish but neither of us minded.

Eventually I asked her if she would like to go out for something to eat, I thought it might be a bit insensitive to ask someone Asian for a drink! She smiled as I asked her and she said she’d love to but she didn’t think her husband would be happy if she went home late.

I had no idea she was married, she didn’t wear a ring and she hadn’t mentioned him and she had been flirting with me like mad for ages.

I decided that Ad was a none starter and although I still smiled at her (and fancied her rotten) – I was in the process of eying up other girls in the building when Ad knocked on my door one day – several weeks had passed since she declined my dinner invite. She came into the office, closed the door and sat down. She said she was sorry that she had turned down my kind invitation; she said that she would like to have dinner with me very much but she simply could not stay out in the evening. I said what about lunch? She smiled and said that was what she had come in to suggest it.

The next day we slipped out of work at 12:30 and had lunch together. We did the same the week after and over the next month we got to the point where we were having lunch together almost every day.

During our lunches Ad told me about her life. She hated her husband (and she assumed he hated her too), her work was the only part of her life she enjoyed – I asked about her lunches with me? She said they were the best. She painted a picture of someone trapped inside a family where she was unhappy but constrained by a sense of duty.

One day over lunch she asked me how far away I lived – she knew I lived on the Isle of Dogs. I said about a 20 minute walk but 5 minutes in cab. Nothing else was said and we returned to work.

The next day was a Friday – I remember it well. When Ad and I met outside for lunch she said lets have lunch at your place. I agreed and we walked to the cab rank. We got a cab straight away and we went to my flat. We walked up the stairs and I opened the front door and let her go in. I remember thinking she was quite nosey as she wandered around the flat looking around – without being asked. I sat at the kitchen table as she entertained herself.

She came back to the kitchen and told me she liked the flat very much – I thanked her and asked what she would like for lunch. She smiled and blushed and said she was embarrassed by what she really wanted. I asked why? what did she want? She said that she would like me to make love to her. She said that she had wanted this for so long and she really needed me to love her. She got quite defensive and I thought she was going to leave until I got hold of her and planted my first kiss on her lovely lips. I had wanted to kiss her every day for months and we spent a few moments planting polite kisses on each other’s lips before finally kissing passionately.

Ad then said that we didn’t have long and she pulled me towards the bedroom. She removed her dress and turning away she took off her tights and pants and unclipped her bra – covering her breasts and her pubic area with her hands she slipped into the bed. I quickly got undressing and naked I got in beside her and started to kiss her once more. She moved beneath me and her body felt so good next to me. As we kissed I started to touch her breasts – they were small but felt good. Slowly I moved my hand to the next base and pushed my fingers into her pubic hair and located a very wet virginal area. I stopped kissing and asked if I could taste her – she didn’t reply but she pulled the covers back, opened her legs and made room for me to get my head between her legs – I needed no second invitation and licked away at her beautiful wet area. Her skin was beautiful and smooth and she felt like she had been neglected and needed lots of attention.

After a little while she pulled me up her body and I kneeled between her legs she was looking at my erect penis that was pulsing up and down, she said nothing but stared at it. I put her hand around it and put my hand over hers and moved her hand back and forth stimulating my own cock – after a moment I moved my hand away and she continued to pull the skin back and forth over my erect penis. I rubbed my fingers into her wetness and presented my wet fingers to her – she licked them carefully and I repeated this several times – turned on by her enjoying her own moistness.

Ad then asked if I had a condom she said you’ll need one if you want to make love to me. I reassured her that I had some and I quickly ran to the bathroom to get a box. I undid the condom (with my teeth) and rolled it on to my penis – I then positioned myself between Ad’s legs and slowly slid into her. We kissed as I slowly moved back and forth in and out of her lovely moist area and I lifted myself up on one hand as I slowly rubbed her breast with my other. It was a beautiful moment as we kissed and I slowly pushed my penis in and out of her – it felt so good and I felt no need to increase the pace as my cock was getting harder and harder like it would burst. Ad had one hand around my back the other was behind my head clamping me to her mouth as we kissed until I knew I could ease in and out of her no more before I exploded into her (the condom). God it was beautiful and we lay in each other’s arms until about 3pm when we decided we had better make an appearance back at work. In reality Ad went back in and I didn’t return choosing to make an excuse later.

Ad and I make love several times a week and I love her dearly but there is no way we can ever be together but she is without doubt the best women I have ever been with and I am totally smitten with her. I feel no jealousy in respect of her husband or family because they simply do not know her or respect her. Her husband has sex with her once or twice a month but neither takes their clothes off she just removes her knickers and he pulls down his flies enters her and as soon as he comes he leaves the room. She says there is little or no contact and no affection at all. To Ad this is a chore and a duty but she hates it and she knows or suspects that her husband sleeps with lots of other women.

I have changed the name and location etc. to protect Ad’s really identity. I only wish I was eloquent enough to describe her beauty and passion adequately.