Written by Steve_Currie

5 Apr 2012

So a couple of near misses and Sarah was definitely getting more adventurous and open to having sex with another man. Of course I was eager to move things on at a faster rate but I knew I had to not push her too much or she would react against it.

Eventually though the inevitable happened and David who she’d been in the taxi with in London called her and said he was going to be in London again in a couple of weeks time and would she meet him for dinner – or at least that’s what he called it!

Sarah said she would have to see whether she could be in London that day and that she would get back to him. When she told me I was of course really turned on by it. She had a few misgivings as to whether to meet him but after some really good sex that night she decided she would. We agreed that I would also come down to London and that unknown to Dave I would be in an adjoining hotel room and could come into her when Dave had left.

As the two weeks passed leading up to her date we both got more and more excited and talked about it constantly especially while we were having sex.I have to admit that from time to time I had pangs of nervousness and a bit of jealousy but every time the excitement of being near Sarah while she was being fucked by someone else won out.

I should explain that I am a transvestite and Sarah and I had in the past spent a number of weekends over the years together at the Philbeach Hotel in Earls Court when that was still open and Sarah has been really supportive of me dressing up. So the plan was that while Sarah and David were out at dinner I would be in my room dressed and when she returned to the hotel she would either be with David in the next door room or if she decided not to go ahead with David she would join me in mine. Neither of us had any expectation that Dave would not be anything other than desperate to get his hands on her tits and his cock inside her pussy.

At long last the day of Sarah’s date arrived. She had carried out some preparations the day before by having a beautician come to the house to do her nails and to shave/wax her pussy. Sarah was already going to be in London for a couple of meetings during the day so I arranged to meet her at the hotel at around five o’clock. I packed my bag (tv’s can’t travel light) and got to the hotel about an hour earlier and changed into something more comfortable – well perhaps not more comfortable but certainly more sexy.

Sarah was late but got to the hotel just before six. She had spoken to David during the afternoon and they had arranged to meet at a restaurant in the West End at eight which left us two hours to get Sarah ready. She was feeling a bit nervous but turned on at the thought of what was going to happen. However she kept saying that she thought nothing would happen and they would just have dinner but I knew she didn’t really expect that.

Sarah stripped off and got into the shower. I watched her wash herself, soaping herself over her breasts which are 34E and between her legs. I held the towel for her as she came out and she dried herself off and then blow dried her hair.

I’d laid out the clothes she was going to wear for the date. Basically she was going to be wearing black – black lingerie and a black dress which had quite a low neckline so that her tits would be on show for David. Sarah put on her suspender belt and I helped her put on her stockings, fastening them on as short a strap as possible so they ended as high up her thighs as possible. I was on my knees in front of her doing this so it was only natural to put my tongue out and lick her between the legs on her completely hairless pussy. Sarah said she wanted to finish getting ready but that when she was dressed I could give her cunt a real lick to get her completely prepared for her date. I helped her put her panties and bra on and then zipped up her dress. She then took some time to put on her make-up. She looked fantastic – she’s tall and slim and with her 34E breasts and her outfit it was quite clear to me that David would not be able to keep his hands off her.

It was now time for me to go to work on her with my tongue. She likes to be licked really softly and although she comes really quickly and strongly she told me not to make her come – she wanted just to be teased but for me to stop before she had an orgasm. I duly obliged and it was clear she was very aroused and ready for the evenings events. For my part my cock was straining to burst through my panties – I was wearing underwear that matched Sarah’s.

It was now time for Sarah to leave and we hugged at the door (she didn’t want to mess up her make-up – that was for David to do). I told her to have a really nice time and to make sure David gave her a good fucking and I would see her when he’d gone.

I’ll post the rest of the story as soon as I can.