Written by Steve_Currie

4 Apr 2012

Although we carried on talking about Sarah meeting again with her David (the guy in the previous encounter), the next event was when Sarah went to a business dinner here in Manchester. It was the ususal noisy do, again with a lot of wine flowing and Sarah (again) had just enough to lower her inhibitions. Throughout the dinner she was talking to a man called Mike seated on her right hand side and got on really well with him and was really attracted to him.

When the dinner was over she stayed at the table chatting to this guy. The lights in the room were turned quite low and because most of the others on the table had moved on to the bar, Sarah and Mike were the only two people left on their side of the table. As they talked, Mike moved his hand on to Sarah’s thigh and then down on to her knee. Ever accommodating Sarah opened her legs a few inches for him and he slowly moved his hands up to her panties and moved them to one side so he could feel her pussy. As always this was enough to make Sarah wet through and his fingers slid easily into her vagina as he finger fucked her. This didn’t last for that long because there was a risk someone would see what was happening.

She and Mike decided to carry on talking (but not finger fucking!) at the bar and Sarah was hoping that this was the night she would really get shagged and would cuckold me. Unfortunately after only a short time at the bar Mike’s wife arrived to drive him home and that was the end of it. I don’t know whether Mike kept his hand in his pocket all the way home or whether his wife could smell Sarah’s cunt-juice on him.

When Sarah got back home she was very randy and very wet. We had really good sex as she told me what had happened. She comes really easily and I only had to put my cock in her and she came. She was grinding her pussy against me and came and came. I only managed one cum inside her and then had a wank as she told me again what had happened.

However I didn't have long to wait for some real action.