Written by jangleberry

1 Apr 2007

For ages id been trying to ge my wife to go with other men. I used to cum quickly to keep her unsatisfied and feigned tiredness etc so she was goin short.

It worked - eventually it took a short time. She asked one day quite openly that if she got the chance could she sleep with someone else. I said yes so long as I could see the aftermath - i'd love to watch her but no luck she said no.

I insisted she went out every Tuesday Id drop her off and book her a taxi about midnight.

Id be lying in bed, heart beating away wanking all night waiting for her to return. First couple of weeks nothing then on the third week she came home, sat on the bed and fell backwards - she said ive got something to tell you. Quick as a flash i got out of bed, naked and knelt next to her. She said shed been a rude girl. I was stroking like mad and asked to see. She pulled up her skirt and said she didnt regret it. i Cupped her pussy which felt swollen and then put two fingers straoight up her, if fely soppin and hot. I pulled my fingers out and there was a string of juice and spunk which revolted me for a second then I loved it. I started verbally abusing her she replied the same calling me a wanker, not a real man etc. I loved it. Excruciating. I turned her over and pulled her panties down to be low her arse cheeks and rubbed her swollen cunt and puckered wet arsehole. Go on I said tell me how you let a man fuck you you whore - and she did - allowing me to add three massive jets of spunk over her ass cheecks and small of her back.

Next day was fine, shes done it several times since I love the thought of another getting up there - she showed me once her dripping sperm into the toilet - it suits us both the pleasure and the pain - be happy to hear from other guys who are ths same