Written by Collie

26 Feb 2012

Following on from Part 9 posted a few days ago.

I could hear Stacey giggling as I got changed in the spare room tucking my limp manhood quite easily into the silky black knickers. I decided to be brave and pull the foreskin back as far as it would go knowing that when I got a hard on again, which I knew without doubt that I would before the evening was over, my exposed cock head would rub against the material giving me that extra sensation..

Knowing full well that I hadnt had permission to do this excited me even more. Anyway no one else would know, would they? !!

I wandered into the main bedroom just as Stacey was coming up the stairs leading Geoff by the hand. I sat in the chair at the bottom of the bed and watched as she led him in still giggling like a girl.

She'd lost the seethrough top completely now and I noticed a couple of fresh bitemarks on her tits and stomach. I couldnt help but motice that Geoff had been stripped completely making his cock look even larger than it had before and it was only semi erect.

Ignoring me they climbed on the bed and Stacey's hand immediately went to his cock and balls. As she started to massage without looking up she said to me " Go and get some wine for us you useless prick" so I did just that without question.

I returned to find her in the same position but now Geoff's cock was fully erect and Stacey had her tongue out gently flicking his bell end.

On seeing me with a wine glass in each hand she suddenly shot up and shouted

" Who the fuck gave you permission to come back in, you fucking little cocked wanker. Get out and knock on the door and wait"

I did just that, putting one of the glasses down as I knocked. Eventually after I'd knocked again I heard Geoff's voice telling me to come in.

A strange feeling overwhelmed me, here was I being allowed to enter my own bedroom by a staranger but this feeling soon turned into an even bigger turn on as I entered to be met with the sight of Geoff on all fours, legs wide apart with Stacey slowly running her middle finger from his hanging ball sack up to the top of his ass crack and then back down again.

I put down the wine and returned to my chair. Geoff was breathing heavily asking her to stop teasing him so obviously she'd done this before and he knew what to expect.

Stacey had never done anything like this to me ever and here I was watching her about to finger another mans puckered hole.

As if on cue she stuck her middle finger into her mouth while keeping eye contact with me and then very slowly withdrew it and placed it at the entrance to Geoff's hole. By now he was pleading so I watched as it was slowly pushed in until it was up to the knuckle and then she started to wiggle it about while holding his balls with her other hand.

I could feel my cock getting hard again and I could see the end had poked out above the waistband of the silky black knickers. As Stacey still had eye contact I darent move and just hoped that she was too engrossed with what she was doing to notice.

Geoff was still pleading for more, what was he meaning, surely not two fingers, but then the penny dropped.

Ordering me to stand up she slowly removed her middle finger but then as her face moved closer to between his legs I realised that she was going to rim him.

This took me completely by surprise as I wasnt expecting this but then Geoff began to breathe heavily and I could tell that Stacey was wanking him with her right hand whilst fondling his balls with her left and with her tongue in his ass I wasnt surprised that he shot his load all over the duvet...

With Geoff temporarily spent and Stacey still as horny as hell I wondered what was in store for me as I tried unsuccessfully to slide my cock back into the knickers.

She caught me, shouting " I SAW WHAT YOU DID YOU PATHETIC FUCK" " Geoff, he pulled his foreskin right back before he put on the knickers so he would have a thrill when his little cock started to go hard"

I stood there motionless realising I'Dd been rumbled.

" What shall we do with him" she asked Geoff, but before he could answer she said,

" I've decided. Go and get your belt and crawl back in here carrying it in your mouth"

I didnt say a word, just did exactly as I was told and dropped the belt at her feet.

"Bend over the bed right here" she ordered pointing to the damp patch that Geoff had made. As I bent over I realised that she was going to spank me whilst my face was in it but just in case id been in any doubt she forcefully pushed my head down and rubbed my face in the spunk.

Geoff lay there grinning as the first stroke met with my right cheek. " Thats for having a small cock" she announced and waited for a response. When I didnt reply another stroke on the same cheek but harder " Thats for not thanking me you useless wimp"

I quickly caught on.. Thankyou Maam, im sorry my cock is so tiny, I blurtted out.

The next stroke came down on the other cheek " Thats for not knocking on MY bedroom door" so again it was Thankyou Maam, I will remember next time.

The next stroke came down on the same chhek " Thats for pleasuring your self without permission" and again I replied in the subservient way.

The next 3 strokes were just given for good measure and I was allowed to go back to my chair with my face covered in Geoffs spunk and told to sit still until I was told otherwise.

I watched intently as Stacey crawled up the bed to kiss Geoff and put his hands on her tits encouraging him to squeeze them. He needed very little encouragement and was soon kneeding them, kissing them and biting her nipples.

She in turn was getting very turned on and I could see her fingers snaking between her legs giving her clit a sly rub.

She was pulling and fondling Geoffs cock and balls again willing it to grow but even flaccid it was bigger than mine was when it was erect. Not a fact that I was allowed to forget as she began to suck his monster cock back to life..

I just sat in silence with my little hard on and stinging ass cheeks as I heard Stacey ask if he was really going to take her in the ass tonight. He replied that he most certainly was but she had to wait as he was going to fuck her pussy first, then lube her puckered hole until she was begging for it.

" That wont take much" she said between mouthfuls of cock " I want this monster in all my holes tonight and I want that pathetic apology for a husband to witness every momemt of it"

To be continued