Written by Collie

16 Jan 2012

You will need to go back to 15th Jan to read Part 1 and to see how all this came about...

As I knelt at her feet I looked up into her eyes to try and guage if this was a wind up or real. Any doubts I had were soon gone when I was told in no uncertain manner

" Dont look at me wimp, crawl closer and bow your head, Im going to use you as a foot stool while I relive my evening"

I did as I was told and felt her legs, go down my back so her feet were resting just above my belt.

" I thoought I told you to take that pathetic little cock of yours out wimp, I meant taking it out completely, not hiding it in your trousers, although its so small it wont need much hiding"

I took this to mean that I had to lower my trousers and boxers to my knees which I did with great difficulty still kneeling down.

"I dont want that little prick any where near me tonight, I've been pleasured by a real man and now I'm going to humiliate you just the way you've always asked me too, but on my terms. Do you understand?"

Yes, I replied meekly...

"Yes what?" Stacey barked

Not knowing what was really expected of me I tried

Yes Mistress...

" Thats better" she said, so I knew I was on the right course...

" All these years while Ive been wanking and sucking that little cock of yours you've always begged me to go and find another well now I have, and I loved it.. You should be careful what you wish for, shouldnt you?"

Yes Maam...I replied. "Mmmm, I think I prefer Maam. You will continue to call me that" she replied

"Right, I'm going to tell you all about my evening my pathetic little cuckold wimp but I warn you now, there will be no touching yourself or me while I'm reliving my expereince unless I tell you too. I may want to open my legs and play with my clit as I'm remembering events and if you are a very obedient boy I may let you watch me"

Thankyou Maam, was all I could say. My cock was the hardest it had been for ages and secretly I knew my life had changed for ever and I was loving it.

And so she started.....

" I first started to flirt with Geoff, not long after he started. The normal bit of banter that just got more intense as the weeks went on. He suggested meeting for a drink after work one night, which we did, twice before tonight and altough he knew I was married it didnt deter him. Especially on the second date when I opened up to him about your inadequacies!" [ I flinched a bit at this admission but kept my head down and waited for Stacey to continue.]

" He told me that he could fulfil my desires fully and he hoped to introduce me to new avenues that he thought I would be up for. That got my attention, and pestered him for more info but he's such a tease, he made me beg quite literally in the car afterwards.

He made me kneel on the front seat and plead with him to tell me what he meant by new avenues.

Punishment and Discipline but in a fun and enjoyable way, was the answer, to which I became excited, especially when he outlined the ground rules.......

He would give me orders and I would obey, just as you are doing now, and if I didnt I would be spanked"

This made my cock really twitch....I'd always wanted to put Stacey across my knee and give her a sound spanking but she had always refused point blank and here she was admitting to me that someone she'd known only a few weeks was not only going to be allowed to do it but she was obviously looking forward to it...

" After my display in the lift, Geoff was very pleased with me so when we got to the room he ordered me to remove my skirt, top and bra very slowly but leave on everything else. He sat on the bed and watched as my tits came into his view for the first time and he motioned me to move forward so he could kiss and suck them. I was in heaven, he knows how to turn a woman on, I can tell you. He started by licking all around the nipples then gradually increasing the pressure with his teeth till I was on the verge of cumming.

He lowered his hand to my knickers and slipped one finger into the waist band. He very slowly lowered it in a circular motion, twisting very lightly through my pubes until he reacked my clit.

Applying just the minimum of pressure on it made my legs turn to jelly as I was still standing and I came very loudly!

Oh dear, said Geoff, Having an orgasm without permision, very disobedient....... And on that put me face down over his knee, slowly pulled my knickers off completely and brought the palm of his hand down on my right cheek. I squealed, with a mixture of pain and delight and waited for another. My pussy lips were soaking, I could feel his bulge against my stomach & I knew I was leaking down his legs but I was past caring.

This man had made me feel like ive not felt in years, and I loved it...

I was still waiting for my second spank when Geoff spoke.

Its customary to thank me for your punishment Stacey, he said in a matter of fact tone.

Of course Sir, I replied...Shall I count them as well?

Good idea, he replied.

One, thankyou Sir. At this point another stroke was applied at about the same strength but on the other cheek. two, thankyou Sir..

This carried on until I had received the full six strokes and by now my bottom was starting to sting but in a nice way.

I told Geoff this but not before I had played along and thanked him once again for my punishment and that hext time I wouldnt orgasm until I was allowed to.

He seemed to appreciate that and as he lifted me up, took me in his arms and held me tightly whilst pushing his tongue firmly into my mouth whilst grinding his extremely hard cock onto my clit.

Do I have permission to take your cock out Sir and if I do what would you have me do to it?

You can follow your instincts, you will soon know if I'm not impressed by your actions, was his reply

So I did just that, but as I'm now getting very wet between my legs just thinking about his big cock, I'm going to take my knickers off and give my clit another good seeing too. Remember wimpy boy, you are not allowed to look [ at this point I could feel her lifting her legs and removing them before placing her feet a bit farther apart on my back]

Now then, what shall I do with these knickers. Theres my cum marks in them and of course Geoffs cum stains, in fact they are very damp... Shall I give them to my little cucky to hold for me while I play with myself? Here you are wimp...Feel those and think on......[ I picked them up from the floor where she'd dropped them by my head and I could feel myself starting to oose a little bit of cum from my small but erect cock but was scared of the consequences if I failed to obey my Mistress]

There was no more teling of the evenings events from Stacey she was in another world, rubbing her pussy and thrahing about on the chair. I just stayed still kneeling, being used as a foot stool until her orgasm's had subsided and waited for further instructions.

"Stand up wimp" she demanded, which I did but still didnt look at her. " Look at me" she ordered, which I did and the sight that met me brought my cock to boiling point.

She looked totally dishevilled, hair all over the place, skirt up round her waist, pussy on display and the tops of her stocking were soaked with juice.

I was still holding her knickers and she just smiled and said " Why dont you add your spunk to whats already in them"?

To which I did in about 5 seconds flat only to be rewarded by that sneer type grin again and to be told, " This is just the beginning wimp, you wait to see what I have in store for you"

More to follow