Written by Collie

28 Jan 2012

You will need to go back to the 16th Jan to see part 2...

Stacey got out of the chair leaving me standing there with her cum soaked knickers in one hand and my rapidly diminishing cock in the other,

" Im going to bed to read my magazine, when you've tidied this place up you can bring me another glass of wine" she said as she left the room.

I just did exactly that, completely lost in this new found trance that I'd gotten into and I walked upstairs with a little trepidation as I wasnt sure what to expect when I got there. I gingerly knocked on our bedroom door and waited for what seemed like an age but in reality was probably about 10 seconds.

"Come in" Stacey said quite firmly, so I did, my hands shaking trying not to spill the wine as I looked at her in the glow of the bedside lamp sitting up in bed with the duvet up to her waist leaving her magnificent tits on show, reading a magazine.

I carefully placed the wine on her side table and went to say how lovely she looked but before I could speak I was met with

" Dont look at my tits you pathetic wimp, cast your eyes towards the floor. Ive told you this already tonight, I wont tell you again, do you understand"

In a very subservient whimper I just replied, Yes Maam, sorry Maam

"And what have you done with my underwear that you wanked off into, where are they" she snapped

After explaining that id put them into the laundry basket she hit the roof.

" You think I gave them to you so as you can give them back to me for washing,!! you're very much mistaken my little cocked wimp. You will go and retrieve them, go into the spare room where you will spend the night and for your punishment you will wear them all night. Tomorrow morning, as its Saturday, you will bring me tea and toast in bed and thats the only item of clothing I want to see you in. If you feel the need to wank off again before then thats entirely up to you, I dont care, YOU will be washing them tomorrow by hand anyway, I'm telling you"

This came as a complete shock, I'd never have thought that Stace would ever have wanted me to wear her underwear even as a joke but then I reminded myself that she was now completely controlling me and seeing how far she could go. I decided to go along with her orders to a point, but I wouldnt wear them in bed I'd put them on when I got up tomorrow, id wank into them while I laid in bed instead....She'd never know

Suddenly I was woken by the bedside lamp being turned on, I must have dropped off as I quickly realized that Stacey was standing next to my bed still topless from earlier but with a pair of pyjama bottoms on. What was going on, was my initial thought and then the horror hit me as I could feel the material of her knickers in my right hand and realizing I was naked, I just closed my eyes and waited....

"I've come to check you're doing as you are told " she said as she slowly slid back the duvet uncovering my flaccid cock.

" Why are you not wearing what you were told" she asked in an angry tone and all the pleading & lame excuses that I offered where met with even more anger.

" I dont care if they're a bit tight, or that you wre gonna put them on but you fell asleep. You disobeyed me!!! If I disobey Geoff, what does he do to me?"

I didnt answer......" I asked you a question wimp. What does he do?"

He spanks you, I mumbled....." Again, but louder" she said

I said he spanks you Maam, I said much clearer this time...

"Thats right, he does. Now get out of bed and bend over, I'm going to do the same to you. And dont forget to thank me after each stroke or I'll increase the number"

Leaning over the bed with my eyes closed thinking this wont hurt cos she's not very strong, I suddenly flinched when the first stroke caught me unawares. She had picked up my belt from the floor and was using it on my bare buttocks.

One, thankyou Maam, I quickly remembered.

two, thankyou Maam, as the scond one came down

three, thankyou Maam, as the third and hardest so far was recieved

four, ouuch, thankyou Maam. She was really getting into the swing of this now..

I waited for the fifth, but it never came. I opened my eyes and slowly looked behind me to see Stacey still with my belt in her hand grinning widely as she surveyed her handiwork.

I could feel my bum getting very warm and knew it must be starting to glow.

She just stood there still grinning and I took this as a hint to pick up her knickers and stuggle to pull them up to encase my now semi hard cock. With a bit of pushing I managed to get it in them and I laid back on the bed.

Stacey then came closer and let the belt trail over the outline of my panty encased cock

"Mmmm", she said " Doing all that's made me feel horny again" " Wank off your little cock while I watch you"

Needing no more encouragement, I soon whipped it out and started wanking like mad, especially when I could look at Stacey's tits when I did it, but then she really surprised me by putting her mouth next to my ear and deliberately brushing her breasts across my arm whispered " just to show I'm not a complete bitch" and with that slid her head down my stomach, lifted it up and I was in heaven as I felt her warm breath on my semi rigid cock. I pulled the foreskin back as far as it would go and she slid her mouth right the way down it while I held the base and within seconds I could feel that familiar feeling as my spunk rose and shot into her willing mouth...

If I wasnt prepared for that I certainly wasnt ready for what followed, as she sucked my cock and drained it she brought her lips up to mine and kissed me hard and deep allowing my spunk to trickle into my mouth. I realised that she expected me to swallow the lot so for the first time in my life I drank my own juice, and loved it!!

I licked all around Stacey's face to get all the last drops up and thanked her for the evening. She just smiled and said "I think we are gonna have some real fun from now on, what say you, cuckold wimp?" " Tomorrow you can take me into town and buy me some more underwear, I'm going to text Geoff in the morning to ask him if there's anything in particular he would like to see me in"

As she left the bedroom she turned at the door and smiled..."Dont forget my breakfast"

More to follow