Written by Collie

8 Feb 2012

Over the next day or so life went back to some sort of normality & although we were sharing the same bed apart from a goodnight kiss I didnt attempt to make any moves.

On the Monday evening I was home first, not unusual these days, and was sitting watching tv when Stacey arrived home about 7.00.

She walked in turned off the tv and stood in front of it.

" I've been talking to Geoff as he's away for a few days at some conference so I wont see him till Friday"

I just shrugged as if to say so what

" I just thought you might have been wondering why I was late, thats all" she said

I mumbled something about I expect this is how its going to be from now on when she suddenly said sternly " Give me 15 minutes and then come upstairs" and turned and walked off

I went along with it and after the allotted time made my way up on to the landing to find our bedroom door wide open and Stacey standing there dressed only in a black suspender belt, black stockings and black stilletos holding a 12 inch ruler in her right hand while tapping it into her open left palm

She must have seen the shocked look on my face as she smiled and said " Come in, strip off and lay down"

I did so in about 15 seconds flat thinking what the fuck is going on....

"You see, I cant wear the knickers of this set as you now have them and although I've seen that you washed them and put them in the airing cupboard I'm never going to wear them again, they are for you to wear, WHEN I TELL YOU TO" At this she brought the flat side of the ruler down on the under neath of my cock that had grown hard seeing her in the stockings etc.

" And anyway, I know it makes your little cock get hard when you see me like this and I want to see how hard I can actually get it, hence the ruler" Another blow, this time to the side of my cock

" You see my pathetic little wimp, Geoff wants me to measure your little cock and then he wants me to measure his. But I need yours to be as big as I can possibly get it because, and this is the rub, for every half inch that he is bigger than you he is going to spank me and although I did enjoy my spanking from him I do want to be able to sit down the next day" Another swipe with ruler, this time on the other side.

" I can see that you're liking this attention so you just lay there and look at my pussy while I get to work" and at that she put her hand round my cock still holding the ruler and started to wank.

"Dont you dare cum you pathetic piece of shit" she was saying " This is not for your pleasure, its for my amusement" and she wanked away with me trying extremely hard to do as I was told...

Suddenly she stopped and looked closely at the ruler..." 4 and a quarter, is that it? Is that what I've put up with for all this time?. You're pathetic, I need a real cock, one that will make me cum, one that will make me scream, beg for more, this useless thing wont do any of that. Move over here, lay your head over the side of the bed, let me stand over you while you lick me, perhaps that might make it grow"

I did as I was told and started to lap away at her swollen clit and running my tongue in and out of her cunt and down to her ass....

"Mmmmm, you like that little cuck boy, dont you?" When I mumbled my reply I was met with another hard smack of the ruler this time on the tip..

" Now lets see if this gets it any bigger" she said as she started to grind her cunt into my face...." Oh yes, eat my cunt cuck boy, suck my clit you fucking little cocked wanker. Just think, the next time I let you do this my cunt will have had Geoffs big cock up it and it will have probably stretched it, will you still want to lick it then wimp?"

I could feel myself building to the point of no return but knew I had to hold it back but then she dealt me the killer blow. As she continued to pull my foreskin back and forward as far as it would go she said

" Perhaps next time you lick my cunt you'll be able to taste some of Geoff's spunk thats still there" That was it....I shot my load all over her hand and my stomach, I cant rember when I'd last shot so much

" My My !! What a naughty little cuck you are. So thats what makes you cum that much then... I can see that I'm going to have some real fun now!!"

And at that she wiped her hand on my face, said " I'm going to tell him it was four and a half" put on a robe and left the room......

More to follow....