Written by ISandie

6 Jan 2014

We live in the Midlands and one night on the way home from yet another dull swopping party we took a wrong turn in Walsall and found ourselves in the red light district. There were some girls working and my partner , come husband looked at them and said "Poor cows , they just get used and abused having to let perverts do whatever they want . Paying for it puts the man in control and boy don't some of them take advantage of it" . I could have asked him how he came to know so much , but I was too busy biting my lip to suppress the violent orgasm I was having .What he described was what I had been seeking for years .I had had affairs and one night stands , but they didn't do it for me .I knew what I wanted was a thorough selfish bastard who just took what he wanted and left me to get on and enjoy myself .

I started my planning the next day. I thought that I would make out that I needed money very quickly and would do anything that was needed to get it. I wasn't going to dress as a tart ,I wanted to look like an ordinary woman , I am 39 ,I difficulty.

Thank goodness my partner had to go on a business trip the next day and I didn't have to delay my adventure.

I dressed like a woman going out for a meal . I was smart with high heels not a tight skirt, but shortish and a top with a lace holding it closed . Underneath I had a quarter cup bra , French knickers and stockings and suspenders . Over the top I had white raincoat just held together by its belt.

I got a taxi to take me into Walsall and then walked to the red light area . Thank goodness it wasn't raining , but it was windy and my hair was being blown about.

There were only two girls there and they took no notice as I walked past them , they didn't think I was a working girl , which was just what I wanted . Cars drove past and I watched the girls bend down to look into the cars. One car stopped and a girl walked up to it and after a short talk got in and the car drove off .

Now I knew what I had to do , except my legs had turned to jelly and my chest was so tight I could hardly breath , but this is what I had come for.

A car came towards me and I undid the belt of my coat and bent down to look in through the window .The car went on a few yards and stopped .I made my legs move and walked up to it. The window wound down and a voice said "What are you offering?" I had planned for this and said "Whatever you want, I musty get some money ,I am desperate."

The door opened and I got in the man was in his forties and not too fat , but not good looking ."I'll give you ten for a blow " he said "I need more than that. What would you want for twenty?" "No condom and you swallow" "Where do we go?" I asked . There was no reply instead we drove off and soon pulled up in a car park away from any lights.

He didn't talk but pulled out a twenty pond note , gave it to me and pushed his hand up my skirt . I said that's extra , but just got a slap round the face ,so I opened my legs. He had a good feel and was pleased that it made me wet. He then let his seat back ,pulled his zip down and pushed his trousers down to his knees. I went down on him and gave him a first class blow while he called me a fucking whore I knew he was going to come when he grabbed my hair and pushed me right down on him . His cock was in my throat when he came and I could feel it slide down me and I had a fantastic orgasm . By way of thanks I cleaned him up with my tongue.

Afterwards he drove me back. There was only one girl there and boy did she look shocked to see me get out the car, hair a mess , swollen lips and a smile on my face.

Nothing happened for a while, the other girl wandered off to try another street and I was alone, but not for long.

I saw this large van enter the road , but took no notice , until it pulled to a stop .I went and looked in and there were two men in it. The window wound down . " You look a bit posh for this game, what's your story ? " "I am desperate , I must get some money together tonight. I will do anything ,but I have to get hold of a hundred" I thought this should give them all the power they needed , sure enough it did .

"For a hundred you can do a full strip off and have all three holes filled bareback get in now"

I was an anal virgin and the thought of this took my breath away , but then another orgasm hit me as I climbed in an started to take off my coat. I had lots of help getting naked and I found myself being driven through Walsall with legs apart and fingers up me and my breasts bouncing on every bump . Soon we came to Barr Beacon where I was to spend the next hour and a half being used as never before.You can imagine what happened to me. Enough to say by the time the three of them , yes there was another in the back , I had cum dribbling out of my arse which had been stretched to the extent that I had been fisted, my cunt was red raw and I had cum in my hair , in my ears and my thighs were covered in it .Not once did they ask me if I was O. K . or was it O.K. to do something . They just did it and used me.

I had such a lovely time that I had to write it down and yes I did get paid.

Now I need to find another red light area , wish me luck