Written by Graham

20 Nov 2008

I have been wanting Averil for some years but other than a quick snog at a party I have never even got as much as a grope. Last night things changed.

She had come to her holiday home nearby and had found the heating would not work. She called me and I said I was free this evening and would call by after work.

I duly arrived and was let in to her house. She said she was sorry to have bothered me but as her husband wasn\'t with her she didn\'t know how to make the heating work.

I went into the back barn and checked the boiler and started it up. We then had a glass of wine. I said I would check the radiators so I set off with bleed key.

I was in the master bedroom checking the second radiator when Averil came up behind me , reached round and felt my cock.I turned to face her and discovered her to be in her bra and panties. Her lips were suddenly on mine and her tongue was searching for mine. We stumbled for the bed and collapsed on it.

She was on top and was undoing my belt and zip to gain acces to my cock.I helped her by sliding out of my trousers. She began to wank my firming cock. I knew I couldn\'t hold out long as I had been on my own for several days and had had no sex.

She stopped unhooked her bra and slipped off her panties. She is six feet tall and her long legs stretched down the bed,her pronounced pubic mound was nicely trimmed and matched her blonde brown head. Her very small breasts had strawberry aureoles and pale nipples. They where delightful to nibble and I soon had her writhing with the enjoyment.

She rolled over and straddled me her slit glistening in anticipation was poised over my cock. She lent forward and sucked my nipples and then slid onto the head of my cock, her moistness and my firmness meant no help was needed. She released a sigh as she pushed and took my full length.

Her cunt muscles gripped me and she gently oscillated on my cock. The sensation was wonderful.

After five minutes she began to ride me hard and I felt her juices squirt and run over me. She squealed loudly and gave two hard thrusts , this threw me over the edge and I yelled as I shot my cream into her.

She collapsed on top of we searching for her breath, my cock lost its strength and slipped from her. She slid down my body licked our juices.

We took a shower changed the bed and started all over again.

When I left early this morning the heating was working perfectly and I had had a wonderful nights fucking with the promise of more for the rest of the week.