Written by Anonymous

23 Mar 2019

I posted this last year under my first profile hope you like second time around xx

I was in the office as I'm the PA to the Director of the company. Everyone was at a team building event Go Karting and Laser quest. I was in the office on my own catching up on the bosses schedule arranging his flights etc when my fuck buddy text me what are you up to . I told him I was finalising travel for the boss he said I would love to come to your office and fuck you .

I said everyone was away for the day but security would be in at 6pm he said he was on his way 30 min's later he arrived I could see the excitement in his face I was dressed in my usual attire blouse skirt stockings and heels he came over and started to rub my shoulders hands slipping down onto my big tits I moaned and leaned back kissing him . Our tongues in each others mouths it was so exciting doing it in the office I closed the door over and squatted down to suck his cock it was bulging in his jeans as I unzipped his jeans it bounced out the tip soaking wet I couldn't wait to have it in my mouth. Sliding my lips over his hard head sucking it slowly then taking it down my throat he grabbed both sides of my head and fucked my mouth gagging and gasping I wanked him licking his balls he told me to sit on the edge of the desk.

I slipped my skirt up as he tore my thong off I grabbed the back of his head mmmmm eat my wet cunt he loved dirty talk as much as I did .Wank your cock keep it hard as you eat me his tongue devoured my wet cunt his mouth sucking my clit then my lips in and out his mouth .I came shuddering he told me suck my cock make it wet before I fuck you over the desk .

I sucked greedily on it savouring every inch in my mouth and throat right bend over the desk I leaned over the desk hands on the desk as well as one knee on it my other foot on the floor he rammed straight into me fucking me deep mmmmmm fuck me I said pull my hair he pulled my head up as he did the door was open in my office my boss standing in front of me I could feel the colour drain from my face. My fucked buddy laughed and still pounded into me .

My boss then said so this is what you get up to Mags he looked at my fuck buddy and said I'm joining in have you a problem with that he said no .As he said that his cock came out of his suit trousers this is our secret and if your as good as you sound there's a raise for you .

I looked at him he knew I fancied him it was the power thing I said to him fuck my mouth he grabbed my hair telling me suck it you horny bitch the harder I got fucked the deeper his cock went after sucking him for a god 15 min's he said lets swap ends they both fucked me hard and rough calling me names which I love to be called then both got me to squat in front of the desk as they shot there hot loads over my face and tits .

Got the raise to