Written by Bren

12 Jul 2009

What an unexpected pleasure, i had gone to York races on a stag day, there were roughly 15 of us, all suited up and i must say we did look very smart. There were all sorts at the races and a lot of hen parties.

We bought our first drinks and wemt outside to dirnk them in the sun, and bumped into this hen party who were staying in York for the weekend, they were out to have as much fun as possible, nothing sexual just having a really good laugh. I found myself having some fabulous conversations with the brides mother, Sheila was a late 40's brunette with a very good figure for her age, and magnificent tits. Of course i made some remark about them and she just put her shoulders back so they appeared even bigger. We spent the majority of the afternoon in their company drinking, chatting putting silly bets on and the conversation between myself and Sheila were getting more and more suggestive. At one time she i heard her mention to a friend of hers that if she had thought she was going to pull she would have made sure that she had trimmed her pussy better than she had. Of course i by then had really started to take the piss (just friendly winding up) I said to her well thats it then if you havent bothered to keep your fanny in trim then i would not take her off and shag her. She laughed as did her mate, she then said well what about you, i bother to keep myself in trim you men just get a forest of hair and never do a thing about it. Well as it happenned i have just recently started shaving my cock and balls I said to her dont be silly i am nice and smoothe under my trousers. Sheila stopped and looked at me, saying your serious aren't you.

I said yes i am deadly serious, Shiela then said she had never been with a man who had shaved himself like that, i was still in wind up mood and told her jokingly that now is her chance then. Not thinking for a mintue that i was getting anywhere.

The racing finished and it was a mass exodus to get out, some waiting for transport into york others just walking the mile or so into town. We all seemed to get split up from our groups in the crowd, i lost all my mates but knew roughly where they were heading to. I came around the corner and there was Sheila looking for her party. I stopped again to chat and said to het that she would be better coming into town and ringing her friends when we were away from the madness of everyone leaving the racecourse.

Sheila then started to walk to town with me, next thing i know we are holding hands and chatting as if we had known each other for ages. The closer we were walking along and Sheila was dying for the loo, she suddenly recognised where she was and stated that her hotel was very close we could go there so she could use the loo and freshen up before getting into town.

When we got to the hotel Sheils invited me up to her room stating that she needed a coffee as well as a pee. I could make the coffee. Once in the room i put the kettle on and Sheila went into the toilet. She came out with that look of relief that wwe all get when you are dying to go to the loo. Phew she said im going to get changed and then we can go, i still trying to be the gentlemen said well then i'll use your loo so you can get changed in private, i went into the toilet just pushing the doo too, so we could still talk, she shouted to me were you really serious when you said earler that you had shaved down below, i said of course i was as id hardly be likely to say something like that for no reason. The door was pushed open and Sheila said jokingly lets see then, prove it to me. I had my back to her and my cock was now growing in size, i turned around and Sheila just looked saying she had never before seen a man with no hair on his cock and balls, the more she was looking at me the harder i was getting, Can i touch she said, as she reached out and ran her hand all over my groin balls and cock. By now i was extremely hard, now im not saying that im hugely endowed but i felt bigger than i had for a while, Sheila licked her lips and sank to the ground taking my cock in her mouth, I was in heaven, trousers round my ankles with this good looking lady sucking my cock, i removed the rest of my clothes and we somehow moved out of the toilet and into the room, Sheila was still going like a Dyson i was loving it. i told her id be cumming soon if she was not carefull, she just grabbed my arse and pulled me into her even harder. That did it for me i came harder than i have for a while certainly much harder than a 50year old has a right to cum. Sheila didnt stop she drank it all, i pulled her to her feet and unzipped her dress, it fell to the ground leaving her standing there in her bra and knickers, i soon had her naked and laid on the bed, i ws between her legs replaying the compliment when the door burst open and in came 2 of Sheilas party, one was her sister the other another freind i jumped up immediately my cock waving in the air had again hardenned.

They both called her a dirty bitch and they suspected she was getting some cock, Sheila just grabbed me and pulled me back to her saying finish me off i need to cum. The two freinds said yes lets see ylou make her cum, i had got even harder than i had previously i went back to Sheila and slowly pushed my cock into her well lubricated fanny, she was right on the edge and after only 30secs Sheila was orgasming and being very noisy about it, i was doing my best to keep shagging her while i could see the friends watching, and encouraging me to carry on making her cum. Sheila pushed me off and again went to suck my cock, one of the freinds then remarked that i hadnt been lying either when i said i was smoth and she came over saying she wanted to taste as well, so now here i am with Sheila who had been well fucked and her freind who was by now kneeling with her lips on my cock and another freind watching and stroking her nipples, i didnt last long and again came very hard shooting into her mouth. I was by now knackered, the friend wanted more but i'd had it at that time i told her that she waould have to wait if she wanted some, she said fine we;ll call for room service and eat and drink here having our own party. I will relay what else happenned later................