Written by Dave18

6 Jan 2018

A quick story. After posting about last night's fun I've been turned on all day and have been reliving old experiences, especially the quick and impromptu fucks - often the best. This one goes back some years to the first time I was a best man, back in 1996. As many people have notes there is something about weddings that seem to turn people on. I know many people who have pulled easily, it must be something to do with the atmosphere!

On this occasion I was at the wedding on my own. My partner of the time had stayed at home as I would be tied up with duties and she wouldn't know anyone. The day went well and by the time the meal was done the wedding party were really tired. There was a gap between the meal and the evening do and some the party went to their hotel rooms. I wasn't staying but my mate's sister was and asked if I wanted to crash out in her room for an hour or so. I took her up on the offer. I didn't think anything was going to happen at all - it was my friend's sister and we had only met once before! It also transpired that she had a boyfriend, this was something that she was telling me about on the way up to her room. He wasn't there as they were going through a rocky patch. She told me that she suspected he was cheating on her and she sounded pretty sick of him. We chatted happily getting on very well. We sat with a coffee in her room, her on the bed and me on a chair in the corner of the room. It was a flash wedding and the hotel was part of a country estate. She had a room next to the bridal suite and the bride and groom had gone in for a 'rest'.

After a short while the distant but clear sounds of fucking could be heard. We both started to giggle and I moved closer to her so we could both lean against the wall. It sounded as if the bride was getting the ride of her life. The sound of the action next door was starting to have an effect on me and my cock started to swell against the trousers of the morning suit I was wearing. I think that Kate could see what was going on as she commented on how uncomfortable wedding clothes were. I agreed although commented on how lovely she looked in the unusually tasteful bridesmaid dress. She said that the underwear was the worst. I was a little bemused as to why and she said that she had decided to go the whole hog and wear suspenders. Something she wasn't used to. She obviously read my expression and started to smile naughtily. Cheekily she raised the hem of her dress and slid it up so I could see her stocking tops.

By now my cock was straining against my underwear and I was feeling dizzy with anticipation. I leant forward and kissed the skin at the top of her stockings softly, running my lips along the lace. She pulled me up and we started to kiss deeply, the sound of the fucking next door spurring us on. She stood up and slid her dress off standing in her stockings and lacy knickers. She wasn't wearing a bra as the dress was strapless. It had been compressing a magnificent pair of tits with erect nipples. She put her heels back on and stood right in front of me. I started slowly sucking her nipples and kissing her tits, my hand reaching round and stroking her beautiful arse. I moved her to the bed and took her knickers down, revealing a beautiful pussy with a neatly trimmed bush. I started licking and flicking her clit, allowing my tongue to slide inside her. She started to moan and held my head in place to keep me going. She wrapped her legs around my head as she orgasmed loudly.

The sounds next door had stopped and I wondered if they were listening now? The thought of being overheard turned me on. I wriggled out of my trousers and shrugged the waistcoat and short off quickly. Kate was laid on her back enjoying the afterglow of her orgasm. I kissed her from her pussy up to her mouth my hard cock playing against her opening. I'm lucky that I'm close to 7 inches and quite wide. She gasped, her eyes wide as I entered her slowly. I started to fuck her slowly, not wanting to come too quickly. We flipped over and she sat on my cock. The sight of her in her white suspenders, her tits bouncing was almost too much and I let her do the work for a moment, holding back my orgasm. She started to bounce quickly, rubbing her clit as she orgasmed again, this time very loudly. She climbed off and bent over the bed and I took her from behind. I knew I wasn't going to last long and told her I was going to cum. She told me not to cum in her and I pulled my cock out, squirting my cum over her beautiful arse.

We lay together in the bed for a while before having to get dressed to go down for the evening event. We talked about what had just happened and how she hadn't planned anything - a real spur of the moment thing. Later in the evening as most people were packing up she asked me if I wanted to stay with her. Regretfully I told her I had to go home but would have really enjoyed another fuck. I also told her that I was worried that her brother might find out and not be too happy about what we had done! She agreed that it wouldn't be too good. As we talked we walked in the large gardens of the hotel, and through a small wooded area to one side. She pulled me in for another kiss, my cock growing again. She leant against a tree and bent over, hitching up her dress. I obliged and unzipped my trousers and entered her sopping wet pussy, moving her knickers to the side. The excitment was huge and I didn't last long. She sensed when I was getting close but this time asked me to cum in her. Never one to disappoint I pushed hard and emptied my balls inside her. We uncoupled and she pulled her kickers up saying that she would have something to remind her of me later that night.

I went home shortly after to find my partner up in bed and very horny. I proclaimed I was tired but still managed another fuck before sleep. She commented on my staying power that night. Little did she know at the time that I had already emptied my sack twice already that day!