Written by G66

13 May 2012

A while back, I wrote of my first experience with June, then a 77 year old lady, who seduced me on the afternoon that we met. Although I had to move away from the town where she lives shortly after our first encounter, we have continued our relationship when the opportunity permits. June is now 81, and is still as randy as any teenage girl, if not randier. Our last session, a week last Friday, was a typically glorious one.

When I knocked on the door of her flat, June met me in a black dress, nylons and high heels, immaculately made up as ever. We snogged passionately, our tongues bumping and rasping against one another. June's hand went down to feel the bump in my trousers. 'Oh, bonk me now, darling!' she said, breaking from me and bending over the settee and raising her dress to her waist. She was wearing black briefs, which were stretched over the cheeks of her big bottom, and black suspenders holding up her fully-fashioned seamed stockings. My heart was thumping so hard I thought it might burst, as I dropped my trousers and pulled down my underpants.

'Pull my panties down and send me to heaven!' she implored. I needed no further encouragement, and grasped the elastic of her briefs and drew them down to her stocking tops. I inserted my stiff penis into her vagina and held her hips and suspender belt as we made love. Our moans and groans filled the living room, and, not having had sex for several weeks, I knew I would not last long. I told June that I was about to come and she urged me on . . . 'Give me all your sperm, darling! Shoot for your Aunty!' My bare bum was now bouncing back and forth like the clappers, and I climaxed, spraying several weeks' worth of spunk into June's welcoming vagina.

I collapsed, breathless. June pulled up her briefs and promptly disappeared into the kitchen, where she set about making me a meal. After I had eaten, we sat together on the settee, watching one of June's extensive collection of porn films. June is particularly aroused by the sight of big black penises, and she was soon hot and bothered at the sight of an English woman being screwed silly by a young black stud. 'Ooooh, look at that! He's hung like a donkey! Ooooh, my tuppence is ticking!' she moaned. June's fingers were caressing her pudenda through her briefs, and I was stroking my erect penis through my trousers.

June unzipped my throbbing penis and began to gently wank me, making me groan with pleasure. 'Right, love, time for the bedroom', she instructed. We went into her bedroom, and she unzipped her dress, which fell to her ankles. She laid on the bed, as I stripped. My penis was sticking straight up and the throbbing was almost painful. June raised her bottom, and pulled down her briefs, leaving them around one ankle. She raised her legs up in the air, and I wasted no time in mounting her. Her vagina is really tight, and is a perfect match for my small penis.

The bedsprings were soon squeaking with the rhythm of our love making, and her headboard was bouncing against the wall. Her legs were wrapped around my back, and her high heels were clacking against each other. We were both moaning and groaning with pleasure, and I could feel my orgasm rapidly approaching. June urged me on, as she loves to do. 'Fill me with your sperm, darling! Fill your Aunty's tuppence with your sperm!' I could hold back no longer and climaxed, jets after jet of spunk spraying June's lovely quim. I rolled off her and collapsed, out for the count.

We slept until the morning, when June woke me up by sucking my penis, which is a heavenly way to greet the day. June is an expert t the art of fellatio, removing her false teeth which turns her whole mouth into a sort of soft, silky love machine. Needless to say I was soon in ecstasy, and squirted all over her face and glasses.

The rest of the weekend was like that, June and I pleasuring each other when the urge came on us, which was very often, as June flaunted her amazing array of sexy traditional underwear, which never fails to stiffen my penis.

She is, without a doubt, the best and most accomplished lover I have ever had. The all-too-rare times we can spend time together are sheer heaven, and I am not at all surprised that she wore out three husbands. Roll on the next session.

I'd enjoy reading your comments, and so would June!