Written by Lady Di

4 Feb 2007

I am a woman who is happy with making love with my husband once a fortnight in the missionary position. I have always thought that enjoying sex was for the twenty-somethings, not for me in my mid-forties.

Married to Dave for 26 years, with him for 30, sex was a job I performed as a duty, we both enjoyed the duty but it was always a roll=over and sleep afterwards, we had never talked of 'positions' or whether I had orgasmed.

My job is to keep a nice house, kids have grown and flown the nest, so when dusting the computer one Sunday I moved the mouse and the screen flickered into life, I am not technically minded and haven't been a user of the thing since we got it three years ago, so when the screen began to reveal itself as the 'Swinging Heaven' site I was upset that my husband felt he needed to go to these sort of sites.

I was unable to switch the thing off and left it angrily with it mocking me in the corner. It didn't take long for me to return and read about the site, thee letters from your patrons left me open mouthed, although most were obvious from the realm of fiction, some had the tang of truth in their lines.

One story got me a littl;e hot under the collar, a lady who had bought a tartan mini-dress, she had her husband brought home to her by their friend Stuart, hubby being four sheets to the wind, and her sans knickers kissing Stuart on the bed, before her husband came to and stopped any shannigans.

I managed to with a bit of luck turn the machine off, I had the rest of the afternoon to myself while Dave was at the pub, I have never, and I mean never, been tempted by masterbation, but I admit now that I felt like I needed a shower, and whilst in their used the shower-head to come to the most amazing orgasm.

Later Dave came home, I asked how his afternoon had been, he told me that it was just the norm, a game of cards, watch the football and six pints. He then took himself up to bed for forty-winks. I woke him an hour later by climbing in bed with him. I wrapped my arm round his chest and kissed the back of his neck. Not one to look a gift horse in the mouth he turned and kissed my mouth, the stale taste of ale surprisngly a turn on.

'What's got into you.'

'I just feel like making love'

One hand explored my backside, whilst the other began to part my thighs, he then touched the lips of my vagina, sodden and already open for his fingers to probe. I think Dave was a bit taken aback by my agressive noises and wild open mouthed kissing, he pushed me off and onto my back, he lifted my legs and pushed his manhood into me, I came in a gush of juices, the noises were embarassing, but in my first real wild moment of passion, I couln't give a fig.

Afterwards Dave wanted to know what the hell was going on and what had I done with his wife. I made a story up, I told him that a young man, probably Romany, had called at the door while he was out, he was topless and in shorts and workmens boots, I told him the young man had offered to lop the Leylandii that were growing in the back garden, I asked for a price, he told me he needed to come through the house to weigh up the job.

Dave lay their and asked if the lad had touched me, I said no, but when I told the man he would have to negotiate a price with my husband, I told Dave the lad had offered to do it for sex. Then I told Dave I had asked to leave, which he did, but carried on the lie by saying that I felt ashamed that I had got turned on. Could he ever forgive me?

'I hope he comes back, I shake his hand, that was the best sex that we've ever had.'

That was in September last year, I have slowly manouevred Dave along a exciting path that he thinks he is taking me, the sex has become more lively, I have even let him use petroleum jelly on my anus to gain entry, only an inch or two. I believe this sex is like a drug and that it can be just as dngerous, but the possibilities are endless, I look at Dave's friends, I flirt with younger men whilst in town shopping and being wealthy I can shop every day.

This site is going to be my blog, tame by other peoples standards, but wild by mine, I will confess all under an alias, hopefully my husaband will find them and they will make horny so I can enjoy it both ways, I suppose that.s a double-entendre.

See you next Sunday, thanks for reading my awakening.