Written by Kinkykriss

10 Dec 2008

This is the first time I fucked another man without my husband there to watch...

Me and Mark hhad been working in the same office for a few weeks now. He was a temp working to cover one of our other girls who was off on leave. We began flirting with each other from day one, with me catching him looking on more than one occasion. I told my husband about him, and he gave me permission to turn up the heat with Mark alittle and see how he reacted.

I started dressing alittle sexier for work, with black stockings replacing my tights and my best lacey bra to make the most of my DD\'s. Mark noticed right away, and I could tell I was getting to him. He started making rubbish reasons to come over to my desk and speak to me; and I would be sure to pull my skirt up alittle when i saw him coming, to him him alittle peek at my stocking tops..

Sadly, this is as far as Mark\'s nerves would take him, and for a few days nothing more happend. So I decided I was going to have to make the next move if I was ever going to fuck this guy.

The next time I walked passed him in the hall, I stuck my hand out and gave his cock a quick sqeeze and carried on walking. Thankfully Mark took the hint, and for the next couple of days he would grab my ass or my tits whenever we were alone.

Then one fantastic day it happend.. Mark came up behind me and ground his hard dick against my ass; and whispered that he wanted to fuck me. I wiggled my ass and told him to take me somewhere after work.

After work, Mark took me back to his house, and up-stairs to his marrital bed! He got undressed and watched as I did a strip-tease for him down to nothing but my stockings. Mark grabbed me and dragged me on to the bed with him, where he began to give me one of the greatest fuck sessions I\'ve had... Forcing every last inch of his mature cock into my young hungry cunt.. (Mark was 49 and I was 22)The age difference really turned us both on, and had us summing by the bucket load.

After we had finished, I had alittle look at some of the family photos in the room while I got dressed..To our amazement, it turns out that I went to school with one of Mark\'s Daughters and even knew his wife alittle too!