Written by SUZY C

13 May 2009

Because the weather was so nice my hubby Rog and myself decided to have a barby. So whilst he set up the barby in the garden I went to the local supermarket to get a few burgersand sausages etc. I met Dave and Diane as I shopped. After a quick chat Dave asked what I was up to. I said we were going to have a barby and after finding it was just the 2 of us he invited himself and Di. Saying that he would spice things up for me. He is always offering me his services saying I dont know what I am missing He is relentless in his flirting and Di just smiles saying not to take any notice of him. I finished my shopping and they said they would get the wine. So how could I refuse.

When I got home I told Rog that they were comming around and he said that I should call Daves bluff if he started to flirt or chat me up again Ok i said.

With that they arrived. Rog opened the door and let them in. Dave was carrying a big carrier bag with several bottles of red wine. We went into the garden and Dave opened a bottle and poured 4 glasses.

Dave was his usual flirty self cracking a couple of near the mark jokes. He was dressed in a pair of 3/4 length combat trousers and a white vest. Di had a loose red floral sunner dress with 2 thin shoulder straps holding it up.

The food was soon ready and another round of drinks were poured. True to form Dave had oral sex with a sausage and asked if I was impressed and could I perform as well. I winked and said wouldnt he like to know.

The food was finished and we had had a couple of bottles of wine. The talk was starting to get a bit raunchy with Dave really on good form. He wasnt the only one in fine form Di and Rog were as well.

Eventually Dave offered me "a Good seeing to by the best in the business" I looked at Rog and he just winked.

I leaned across and rubbed my hand across Daves groin and asked what he had that could give me so much pleasure. With that Diane said I should be careful as he was very well built and I may not be able to take it. I thought it must be my lucky day. I continued to fondle him through his trousers feeling him begining to swell. Rog moved next to Di and put his arm around her shoulder.

I said that Rog and Di should wait until we had finished as Rog may learn a thing or two. Rather than wind Dave up with this he agreed that Rog could learn a trick or two.

I said that we should go inside incase it got a bit noisey. In the lounge I stood infront of Dave and kissed him on the lips pushing my tongue into his mouth and licked his tongue. Then I reached down and undid his trousers and pushed them to the ground. Islipped my hand into his pants and hald his erection.I pulled his pants down and then took off my tee shirt, bra, shorts and thong. I then lay down on the rug pulling Dave down with me. I pushed him onto his back and began to rub his prick. Ihad a good look at him he is slightly longer than Rog a good 9 inches but only an average girth. I felt a bit disapointed as Rog is about 8 1/2 inched long but but has a girth of a good 8 inches.

I rolled on top of him with my head between hie thighs. I took him into my mouth and started to give him oral although I cant do deep throat I use hy hands to good effect. Then suddenly he rubbed his tongue along my pussy lips and onto my clitty wow he then pushed his tongue right into my pussy. God it felt amazing. he kept shallow fucking me with his tongue and really working on my clitty with his fingers and occaisionally his tongue. I felt in such a state of arousal I couldnt carry on with my mouth. He kept going relentlesly with his tongue even slipping a finger Deep into my bottom. I had never felt so aroused before by oral alone. My body kept shaking I gripped his bum and squeezed as I finally came 2 small orgasms and them a massive one when I even squirted a little. I have only done that a few times before and never with oral . His tongue was amazing so long.

I eventually pulled myself together and he started to sit me on him. Di again said be carefull it may hurt. I didnt like to say Rog was bigger and I didnt think it would. I took my weight on my hands knees and guided myself onto his cock I felt it go all the way in and admittedly it did feel much deeper but there was no stretch. Dave fondled and then sucked my nipples as I worked up and down on him in slow strokes. I love ny nipples gently sucked in this position I started to go faster and felt myself soaked in sweat. I violently came again as I felt Dave tense up and then groan as he came. We wiped ourselves off and sat on the sofa. Daves head across my lap as i felt his now soft cock.

Rog slipped Di`s shoulder straps onto her arms and allowed her dress to fall to the floor. He unclipped her bra and that fell also he knelt down and slowly pulled down her panties. He stood up again took off his tee shirt and threw it onto the sofa beside us. He then started to gently snog Di her arms holding him tightly behind his back. His mouth then reached down to kiss her large dark nipples gently nipping one of them with his teeth. She then reached down and pushed Rog`s over his hips and down to the floor. She dropped to her knees and thenfelt his groin. She pulled his pants down and her eyes became wide open and her bottom jaw dropped I heard her gasp on seeing him. He was still only slightly hard. She tried to hold it but her hand wouldnt go all around. It started to grow into its full glory too heavy to point up it stood out at a 45 degree angle. The veins were swollen and full of blood. His bell end is almost the size of a small orange.

It took me ages to be comfortable taking its massive thickness its the size of his wrist. I smiled and thought "thats what I call big Di"

Roger bent her over the end of the sofa resting her tummy on its arm. He stood behind her and rubbed its end against her pufy wet pussy lips. He continued to rub her pussy and clitty. Holding his throbbing cock in his right hand he gently tried to push its massive head into her. It didnt look as if he would enter her but he eased her buttocks apart with his hands and thrusted towards her. She bit her arm and lit out a muffled scream as the head entered. She took several massively deep breaths then he pushed it in about an inch further. She again gave a muffled scream. He had now got about a third of it into her.

He started to very slowly ease it out a fraction and then back in again. He carried on this gentle breaking in for a few minutes. Then asked if she was ok she took a deep breath and said "god thats tight I havent felt any thing like that ever before"

I felt Daves prick and it was throbbing again he was looking on in disbelief. But I could feel that he was obviously enjoying watching her being so thouroughly fucked.

Rog gripped Diane`s buttocks and slightly withdrew slowly then pushed back in a little harder and deeper again slowly out then back in harder and deeper. Di is biting her forearm again and lightly screaming each time that he goes harder and deeper. He withdraws slowly again until we could see the start of his bell end. He paused for quite a few seconds Di was gasping and whimpering incoherently.

I could feel Daves cock throbbing in my hand and he was breathing very deeply in his excitement. I started to slowly wank him off he groaned his approval.

Diane screamed as Rog rammed the full length into her then he started long slow withdraws and firm thrusts back in again. I could see her pussy lips struggling and being dragged in and out by his tightness. Her pussy was soaking with there love juices. Rog kept the rhythm going Di was groaning whimpering and giveng the occasional scream when he thrust that bit harder and deper.

Dave suddenly stiffened and groaned as he came in my hands.

Diane was covered in sweat and now letting her groans and screams flow. Roger sped up and Di was totally incoherent rambling and screaming. Roger was now in full flight he stiffened and grunted as he shot into her he kept pumping his spunk into her for quite a bit longer.

He eventually stopped and reached for a tissue. He pulled his still hard cock from her red and swollen pussy. She was dripping lots of spunk ank her pussy still gaped open. Roger wiped them both off. Then helped her to her feet she still had a glazed look and wide open eyes Her heart and lungs were working overtime.

When she calmed down we had some more drink. Then a chat Di said to me why didnt you tell me about his cock I said that it was more fun like that. Dave felt a little deflated because he wasnt really gods gift to women but perked up when I said his tongue gave me my best ever orgasm by far.

Part of the fun of us going with other couples or womem is to see there reaction to rocs cock . I always tell him he is a freak. But I love him to bits and know he feels the same about me. We are lucky we dont feel jelousy.

By the way Di rang us monday and tuesday to arrange another meeting I dont mind because Dave has a great tongue and not to bad a cock.