Written by Studley

2 Dec 2008

After basically being taken up the arse by the hairdresser, I vowed to get myself together and quit the booze.

My children soon saw the better side of me as I devoted my time to them, not going out for over 6 months.

I was scared that one taste, would drive me back to despair!

I would often spend time with my Mother-in-law as we BOTH knew how each other was feeling having lost a loved one.

The children were getting older and more independent too.

One evening I got a call from my Mother-in-law asking if I could pop round and replace the kitchen bulb, I agreed and said I would pop round a bit later that evening.

Even though the children were now teenagers, I told them to keep the door locked and I would be back soon as my Mother-in-law only lived a short walk from our house.

Upon ringing the doorbell, Maureen greeted me in.

Looking at Maureen, I took in her appearance in her nightdress, which wasn't particularly appealing, down to her ankles in length with a high neck line.

I stood there remembering our previous encounters many years ago!

"I've been in the bath" she said, breaking my thoughts.

"I got a new bulb out of the garage, but it was too high for me" she continued

"It's no problem, especially how you help with the children" I replied

Taking off my coat, she went into her bedroom and laid it on her bed as usual as I continued through to the kitchen.

I soon had the bulb replaced and the kitchen light worked once again.

"Would you like a cup of tea?" she asked

"That would be good" I replied

We sat and chatted in the lounge and she said I had done well to turn myself around, she knew how hard it was!

I told her I didn't know what I would have done without her, but she said looking after the children kept her busy.

After a while, I said I had better go and went into her bedroom to get my coat, following me in she said "I'll see you tomorrow"

As I picked up my coat, I realised she had begun to cry!

"It's so lonely" she said

I held her in my arms as she sobbed

"Let it out" I whispered as she finally broke down after putting on such a brave face after losing her husband Harry, 9 months earlier

I rubbed her back and felt her soft breasts between us!

She smelt so fresh and nice after her bath.

As I rubbed the base of her back, I felt the waistband of her panties through her thin nightdress!

My cock stirred, thinking of the times we had been like this before.

Looking at her, I wiped her tears and looked in her eyes at the sadness they showed.

Holding her face in my hands, I kissed her trembling lips!

She responded to my kiss!

Easing my hands down, I held her tight.

As we continued to kiss, I again rubbed her back before easing my hand down, first again to the waistband of her panties and then her bottom!

I moved my other hand to her breast and rubbed it through her nightdress!

This lasted a while, before I undid the buttons on her nightdress and easing my hand inside first feeling the soft flesh and then her nipple in my fingers!

After a while, I moved her to her bed and sat her down.

Removing my shirt, I then got her to lay down!

Easing her nightdress up, I took in the sight of her panties as it reached her waist!

White as usual and very plain.

Pushing her legs open, I kissed and rubbed her thighs before rubbing the material of her panties between her legs!

She just stared at me, saying nothing with no emotion!

Easing my fingers into the waistband of her panties I eased them down her legs and let them fall to the floor!

I looked at the black hair I had seen before many times and played with it between my fingers before pushing a finger down and inside her!

Still she did nothing!

She felt dry and I leaned forward and opening her up, I inserted my tongue.

She tasted good, nice and clean.

I worked on her for some time to get her wet, expecting her to begin to enjoy herself as she always liked this!

As my mouth and tongue ached, I pulled away and looked at her, but she just stared at me!

Undoing my trousers, I pulled them and my shorts down, moving between her legs!

I was waiting for her to tell me if it was ok or not, but she still just stared at me.

It was just like the first time, she wanted it, but played no active part.

Opening her up again with my fingers, I rested the tip of my cock into her and then thrust into her!

This brought her first moan as my cock fully entered her!

I kissed her lips and whispered how it felt just like the first time.

Then out and in again as I proceeded to fuck her!

She closed her eyes, moaning each time I thrust into her!

After a short while she whispered that it was beginning to hurt as I struggled to come with her lack of participation..

Looking at her panties on the floor turned me on and I could feel myself coming and with a couple more thrusts, I spurt my cum deep into her!

As I lay on top of her, she held me tight and I rolled to one side, still inside her.

"Hold me tight", she whispered

I then realised this was what she really wanted!

Sometime later as we lay together, I asked her if she enjoyed it?

"At 68, I think my body is over enjoyment" she replied

I was shocked at her age, it only seemed a few years since our relationship!

She had done it just to feel close to me!

I whispered I had to go and we tidied ourselves up.

As I left, I kissed her and said I was sorry, but she said it was ok and said she would see me tomorrow.

As I walked home, I had mixed emotions of what had just happened!