Written by rwa35

16 Sep 2008

I had not been back to this part of France for a number of years, but was surprised at how easily I found the beach I remembered from my last visit. I parked the car, crossed the road and set off down the pathway. Twenty minutes later I was walking over the sand dunes and down onto the beach.

I remembered from last time that any action took place up in the dunes, so I took a walk up there. It felt good standing there naked, but other naked guys were few and far between. There was an older guy of about 70 who kept stroking his cock and looking in my direction and a couple of very young looking guys who wandered past about 100 yds away.

So after a couple of hours I wandered back to the car. Not far from it a guy on a bike rode past. I recognised him as the one who had walked past me on the beach earlier. He reached the road and stopped. Despite there being no traffic he did not set off. I walked past him and crossed the road to the car, parked about 15 yds away in the entrance to a forest walk. He still had not moved but kept looking in my direction. My cock was now twitching in my shorts. I leaned against the back of the car and stroked my cock through my shorts, looking straight at him. Almost immediately he set off across the road.

I headed off up the path, into the forest. Very soon there was a little gap in the trees, so I walked though it and found a small clearing, not visible from the main pathway. I slipped my shorts off and started stroked my cock. Very soon the other guy arrived, his hand in his shorts, playing with himself. As soon as he saw me, he took his cock out fully and when he reached me he took his shorts off too. We both stood there wanking. I reached out and took hold of his hard cock and wanked him. It was about 7 inches and very smooth. In fact he had shaved his cock and balls, similar to myself.

I knelt in front of him and took his cock into my mouth and he started to fuck my mouth. We then took it in turns to suck each other, one kneeling in front of the other.

Finally I knelt before him sucking on his cock, loving the feel of it in my mouth and wanking him at the same time. I could tell by his breathing that he was close to cumming. I wanked him harder, cupping his balls with my other hand. Before long he shot his spunk over the forest floor and over my hand. I stood up and took hold of my own cock. He held my balls as I wanked furiously and soon I too shot a load of spunk onto the forest floor.

A very horny encounter after a disappointing start to the day,