Written by jerryberry

3 Jan 2010

its that quiet time between Christmas & New Year and we have been on the relative run visiting my sister. C suggests that we drop in to see m & e unannounced to surprise them! we did and they were surprised to see us, they too had just got back and were getting ready to relax in the hot tub. e was stripped off in the kitchen pouring drinks whilst m was upstairs when we got there. We were welcomed in with a drink. when m came down he asked if we had eaten and suggested a take away before a dip. Sounds good to me i said, Chinese?

We chose our meal and e phoned the restaurant, she announced that it would be an hours wait for delivery or we could collect in 20 mins. eager for a dip it was agreed that we would collect, m knew where to go but c's car was blocking the drive - why don't you 2 go and we'll get the table laid said e? So M & C left to collect the food. No sooner had the car left the drive when I felt e touch my bum, she squeezed hard and whispered in my ear "lets see what we can do in 20 minutes!!" immediately she was on her knees if front of me in the kitchen unzipping me and before I was fully hard she had me in her mouth and was working me into hardness!

Quick she said as she stood and dropped her towel, she turned around and bent over the counter such that she could watch teh window as I entered her from behind, it was fast and furious and I felt myself coming after just a couple of minutes - I announced my plight and she stood spun around and was back on her knees in front of me taking me again in her mouth just as i jetted streams of hot come some she swallowed some she blew bubbles with! Just then the car arrived back as e continued to tease me by blowing spunk bubbles right up until the door opened and c & m walked in with the chinese. That was close I whispered to e - that's ok she whispered back M knew exactly what i was going to do to you as soon as i got you alone again!!!