Written by Still playing

31 Jan 2018

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So as we sat in the lounge it was cold so I got up and lit the gas fire when I sat back down I was sure I could see her panties but she had on a coat so wasn't sure she also had on a boob tube and a rara skirt I suppose very banana Rama looking she was very sexy looking and all I could think of was I will be wanking about you in a little while. I told Claire to take her coat off and I would get us a drink as I turned to leave she was sliding the coat off and as I looked over her shoulder could just see down the boob tube at her cleavage u would say a c cup nice and firm. The house phone rang and thinking it was the wife I told her to be quiet I answered it and it was my daughter telling me she would be staying at her mates house and see me in the morning I was so pleased as this meant no wife no kids get rid of Claire and then I could settle down with a porno and have a dam good wank I was horny as fuck. I walked back into the lounge and she was stood infront of The fire I handed her a can of lager and she asked if my wife was ok I told her it was my daughter and she was staying at her mates that's when this turned ugly Claire just said probably staying at Christians house for sex I went a bit Basserk and told her she should not say things like that she laughed and turned around as she did I made a grab for her and caught the boob tube it slide down and revealed the beast pair of little tits I had ever seen small hard nipples little auriolas and tight pert skin covered her tits I just stared at her it felt like hours but was just seconds she screamed at me and run out the room. I followed stumbling and stammering an apology and she slammed the kitchen door and wouldn't let me in I went back to the lounge I was shitting myself what if she told my daughter or my wife. About 5 mins past Claire came back in. I begged for her to forgive me she told me I was a pwrvert first I threaten to spank her now I was pulling her top down I told her I was sorry and she looked at me and said it was ok she was just shocked she wouldn't say anything as long as I didn't as ever thing calmed down as was aware of my cock it was still hard and really uncomfortable but I definitely had something to wank over now the taxi would be here anytime and then I could play. I started to talk to Claire and we discussed some stupid shit and got onto the incident in the pub and she said my friend had tried to grope her at the bar earlier and when he slapped her arse she had had enough so slapped him back with that there was a beep outside and the taxi arrived I walked Claire out paid the driver and she was gone I raced back in reached onto the drinks cabinet and fetched down my porn stash I put the video in settled back and started to watch the scene unveil I slipped my jeans over my knees and was just starting to wank when the door bell rang I pulled my jeans up and rushed to the door when I got there it was Claire she pushed pass me straight into the living room I had forgotten to switch the telly off she had come back because she didn't want to leave things as they were and now was standing in my lounge staring at a blonde getting fucked from behind I raced to turn it off but it was to late she had seen the worst she told me to leave it on just staring at the telly I mumbled something she turned to me took off her coat and that when my jaw hit the floor the boob tube had gone she was topless the sexy tits just standing there so pert I shouted what the hell are you doing and she lifted her little skirt oh my god this tiny mat of black hair came into veiw she simply said why don't you make me shut my cunt I walked over to her grabbed her pushed her over the arm of the sofa and spanked her arse I gave her six of the best she cried out and moaned when she stood up she said does Ann let you do that my wife I replied no she said am I sexier than Ann I mumbled yes do you like my boobs again yes she then said she had planned to fuck me for weeks and tonight she was all mine to spank and to do what I wanted she had dressed for me instigated the pub meet even fixed it so no one was home I kissed her her young tonge in my mouth this 18 yr old girl giving herself to me I grabbed her tits my good so hard I was licking them my hand found its way to her pubes then to her hole she was literally dripping she pushed me back and told me to take her upstairs I went to go to the spare room she said no I want you in your bed I refused she grabbed my hand and put it on her pussy are you sure she said . I through her on our bed she spread her legs looked at me and told me to do everything you want to I undone my jeans pulled them off and my cock sprang out she asked do you want to put that in my mouth I couldn't believe it I pushed it done her throat and fingered her at the same time my hand was soaked she was a real heavy commer I slide down ate her pussy and when I looked in the mirror my face was covered in her cream I fucked her in every position telling her how much better than Ann she was she loved it and then I came all over her bush my cock was white covered in cream and the she let it go her come oozed out of her I have never seen anything like it all over the bed proper woman cum she rubbed my come all over her pubes. After about 30 mins she got up pulled her knickers skirt and coat on kissed my cock and left shock hit me I raised to get the sheets off and in the wash It was 6.30 am I had to tell the wife I had been sick after drinking to much. That was the only time we fucked in my bed but I seen Claire many times after she never spoke about it to anyone Until her wedding day when she told me she planned on making her husband who was 15 years older than her a wife watcher but that's another story hope you liked.