Written by star2010

21 Aug 2010

Bad Girl Diary - Friday /Saturday - 3 men, many orgasms

Friday afternoon, I finished work at 12 and was checked into the hotel with Darren by 12.30. This was our first time in a hotel together, previously only having lunchtime and after work encounters in the car. This time we had a bed - oh joy! No time was lost and we were in naked and touching, kissing, sucking within minutes and in the missionary position in no time at all…oh and it was needed. A stressful week in the office had left us in need of some R&R. Darren is a boob man and was sucking hard on my nipples, nothing gets my juices flowing quicker - I adore it. Daren was leaking everywhere and there was no doubt he was a happy man.

As he got close to cumming he withdrew and laid on his back to compose himself. But I’m a hands on girl who, once started, cant stop touching. I slid down the bed and between his legs stroking his thighs up and down. I kissed his inner thighs and let my boobs lightly drag up and down his legs as I slid over him. As I kissed his balls softly, his cock twitched and to both our surprise, a long stream of cum shot through the air and hit the leather headboard. It shocked me so much I had a fit of giggles.

He could see I wasn’t going to leave him alone as I still played with his wet cock…so he switched places and laid me down. After licking and kissing my pussy he slid his fingers inside one after another…then reached for my vibrator. He put it to my mouth to suck, and then placed it carefully between my pussy lips, and pushed it inside. After a few thrusts in and out,he switched on the vibrations and gradually eased it inside deeper and deeper… I gasped with pleasure as I felt the heat building between my legs. I was wetter and wetter and pushing my pelvis forward and higher. He slowed the thrusts and started to suck on my clitoris, sucking and pulling at it with his mouth. I moaned with pleasure and as each rush of pleasure swept over me, cried out or gasped. His hands sped up and he pumped the vibrator in and out quickly. I exploded into orgasms and screamed, OMG I was blown away and shaking.

Seeing and hearing me cum obviously sparked his cock back into life. He pushed me over onto my tummy, and pulled me back onto my knees. With speed, he pushed his finger inside me and spread my pussy open, sliding his cock inside. He roughly pulled me back into him as he thrust forward. It was only minutes before he pulled out once again and backed off. I turned over and he rubbed and squeezed my nipples. I held his cock and pulled him firmly but smoothly, his breathing quickened just before another hot burst of cum hit and covered my boobs. With both hands, I spread his cum across my chest and rubbed it into my nipples, he watched open mouthed.

As he rested again, I massaged his whole body. I wasn’t lying there with a naked body and not using it. Not when I have a willing playmate. After massaging he still wasn’t ready to go again, but he could see I was still edgy…so he told me to spin around and lie head to toe with him. He pushed my thighs apart and he fingered me gently, rubbing and swirling around my pussy. It was divine and what I needed.

Again as I got close to cumming and my breath got shorter, body more twitchy and rigid, his cock stirred. He turned around and laid on top of me. He pulled out his fingers and slid one into my mouth, before kissing me hard and rolling his tongue around mine, tasting my pussy juice. I felt his cock press hard against my pussy before he forced it inside. He fucked me hard and quickly, pulling my legs onto his shoulders, then holding my ankles in his hands he spread my legs as wide as they would go. He dropped one ankle and still fucking me, he rubbed the palm of his hand across my pussy and clit. He swelled inside me and thrust harder and harder, rubbing me in circles with his hand . He pulled out and shot cum once more onto my tits, rubbing his cock across my nipples.

Time had slipped away from us, and we had to wash, dress and leave the hotel, going our separate ways. As I drove home, I could still smell Darren on me. Once home I showered again, and changed. Friends called round shortly after for an evening of takeaways and drinks, I smiled to myself that no-one had a clue what I‘d been up to that afternoon. I still had a gorgeous ache at the top of my legs.

The following morning, I was awakened by my hubby, stroking my breasts. He pinched my nipples hard and pulled me close to him. Half asleep, I sensed waves of pleasure once again and opened my eyes. His mouth was on my nipple and he was sucking in a rhythmic way. My pussy was damp, quickly getting wetter. Hubby got out of bed, walked around to my side, and threw off the quilt cover. I raised myself sleepily onto all fours and backed up to him at the edge of the bed. He parted my pussy and still standing, pushed himself into me groaning. He is a hard man, and he pulled me onto him forcefully. I love doggie style. I came over his cock quite quickly, and he quickly followed. He pulled out just before he came, and shot hot sperm up my back. The sensation is beautiful. He pulled off his t-shirt and wiped me clean, before getting showered and leaving for work.

Another shower, then dressed and a text message arrived from Steve; he needed a lift, could I pick him up? I did. And drove him back to my house. After kissing and fondling in the kitchen, I was heated again. Steve was hard, and passionate, breathing hard and holding me tightly. His hand reached under my top pushed my bra over my boobs and then lifted my T-Shirt up revealing my nipples. He sucked hard on them…and well, you know by now, what happens. I was soaking …His hand slipped up my skirt and pushed my pants to one side. He ran his finger across my lips and smiled at me. “Mmm you are ready” he whispered. We ran upstairs into the bathroom (not as many windows) and he bent me over the sink, dragging my knickers down my legs. He pushed up my denim mini, and forced himself between my legs. I love being dominated by Steve. He’s young, muscley and like an eager puppy full of life and ready to play. He pulled my T-Shirt back up and grabbed at my boobs. We could both see everything through the huge bathroom mirror over the sink. Steve fucked me long and hard. Our legs were shaking, knees buckling, backs sweating and totally breathless. Heavenly. We must have been there over half an hour, almost dripping in sweat, I’d lost count of how many times I came, but the wetness at the bottom of Steve’s T-Shirt told the tale. He pulled it over his head out of the way. A car pulling up outside, brought a quick end to the session and we ran back downstairs straightening up as we went.

He left shortly after and I was back in the shower another time. As we had been interrupted and hadn’t had time to finish, I played with the shower head for a few minutes to just bring everything to a real conclusion.

Don’t you just love weekends?