Written by star2010

15 Aug 2010

It’s Saturday night, I’m getting ready for a great night out with hubby and friends to see a band playing locally. I’m hot and horny and I have my mind set on adding another man to my collection of play things. Tonight my sights are set on the bassist and I mean to have him.

8pm Steve and his wife call at mine, and we have a few shots of vodka before heading out to the pub where the rock band are playing. As I climb into the back seat of the car I cant help smiling, I know this back seat. Steve changes the CD to Airborne “Blonde, Bad and Beautiful” which he says (in private) reminds him of me. I see his smile in the rear view mirror.

The last time I was in this car, I had my skirt pulled up to my waist, and Steve thrusting his hot cock inside me until I screamed out in orgasm. Steve has an amazing cock with an enormous end. It was a shame we were interrupted, by a car pulling into the car park. I had come all over his cock, and Steve was almost there when he had to pull out and button back up. I remembered the hot juices running down my leg as I walked round to the front of the car to get back into the passenger seat.

We arrive at the gig as the band are setting up. We say our hellos and have a chat. I adore the bassist who although approaching 50 has the flirtiest blue eyes and amazing smile. He still wears a pony tail despite his age which I find a huge turn on.

I walk up behind him and say “Hi“, so close to his ear, he can feel my breath. He turns, smiles and emphasises his reply “SO good to see YOU again“. We have always exchanged looks as he plays. I caught him checking me out on the first night I saw the band and ever since we have playfully flirted as he plays and I watch. Tonight is no different. I do everything I can to get his attention without arousing that of my hubby. I also have to keep Steve at bay who keeps touching me every time his wife’s head is turned away.

As the night wears on, and drinks have flowed, I pull my top a little lower, unbutton the top buttons and push my boobs gradually more forward. My denim mini slides a little higher showing my thigh and letting the bassist see the full length of my leg. He loves the boots I wear. Tonight they are my cowboy boots. I stroke my legs seductively and slowly raise my eyes to meet his. As I thought, he’s not missed a single move, and is looking at the cleavage I’ve exposed. I put one of my fingers to my lips and suck it slowly. A flash of a smile crosses his lips and he turns his face away laughing. I know he is getting hard behind his guitar.

Once the final song is played and the band stop for a drink, before packing the equipment up, I walk over to find him. Just as I get close, friends intercept and stop to talk to me. Damn. I politely chat but keep one eye on him and his beautiful tight black tshirt, slightly damp with sweat from playing. I make my excuses and move in again. A shout stops me in my tracks again as hubby calls “We are leaving” . God! I’m not leaving without one more try. I walk up close to him, and say “Bye”. He looks shocked and disappointed, saying “Leaving so soon?” His hand slides up my back and again his eyes are down my top. I push the material to open it up more saying how warm it was in here tonight. He can now see the outline of my hard nipple straining through my lace bra. “Well give me a kiss then” he says, pulling me into him. Our lips meet and he sucks at my bottom lip. I pull back a little, just to tease. He kisses me again, this time pushing his tongue into my mouth. Again, I tease and pull away. I smile at him and bite my lip. He pulled me back and this time I let my tongue slide against his and roll around tasting him, loving him, needing him. I have to have him. My pussy is physically aching to feel him inside me.

As I look up, I just catch sight of Steve and the others over his shoulder. They are searching for me in the crowd. Just in time I pull away as Steve shouts “Oi! We are off” and gestures. Fuck! I have to go. As I walk away, I hear the bassist shout, “Thanks, that was …..nice”.

I will have him. Next time.