Written by Tom

17 Jan 2010

I have been married to my wife for nearly nine years. Our sex life is okay but it used to be better. One thing that doesn't help is my wife is shy and isn't comfortable discussing her sexuality. Whilst she is happy to masturbate with me she has always said she does not masturbate alone. I on the other hand masturbate with her - which turns me on but I am also open about the fact that i masturbate when I am alone.

Anyhow the week before last i was at work and the snow was coming down and half the office had not shown up - so just after lunch I decided to head home through the ice and snow. When i got home my wife's car was in the drive - she must have done the same and come home. I parked up and went in through the side door - when i got into the house all was very quiet. By a process of elimination I worked out that my wife was upstairs if she was in the house. As I reached the bottom of the stairsI could hear voices and my stomach entered my mouth - she was with someone and she was having sex - I could hear her. Frightened I slowly made my way up to confront her. I had worked myself into a right state when i pushed open the bedroom door - but what i saw was not what I was expecting. My wife was lying naked on the bed - completely alone. Her nipples were erect and as my eyes darted to her hairy bush I could see that she had a black dildo inserted into it. On our TV she was watching a porn film which were the voices I could hear. Her face was a picture - as was mine.

I told her she wasn't stopping and demanded she showed me what she got up to. She lay back and rubbed her clitoris with her left hand whilst pushing the dildo in and out of her pussy with her right. While she did this I asked her questions like do you do this often - to which she replied not often enough. after a few minutes she pulled the dildo out of her pussy - and eased it into her bum - with her legs high in the air she eased the dildo in and out of her bum with one hand while furiously rubbing her vulva with the other. In no time she announced she was coming and her body shuddered.

I then removed my own clothes and masturbated furiously over my wife as she lay opened legged before me and I ejaculated all over her hairy pussy.

We have now had an honest conversation and she is free to masturbate when she is alone and she now keeps the large collection of sex toys she has acquired in her bedside draw. She masturbates very frequently - she says she has been pleasuring her pussy and her anus a couple of times a week for the last 15 years and we are both happier now she has admitted it - I just wonder why she kept her need to pleasure herself a secret for so long.