Written by Kinky Baby82yahoouk

30 May 2009

Hi people I Have been quiet recently and a good girl well until last sunday night when it all changed and I didnt even mean it to. My hubby had been out early watching the climax to the SPl with his mates and I had agreed to meet them about 5 in the local pub, knowing they would all be drunk and the fact I was knackered i decided to go out wearing a little dress and legging s and high heels without my really sexy underwear. Once i got there most of his mates had left but there still enough but they were all drinking tequilla slammers and such and were pretty drunk. It got to about 10 and it was then just me and my hubby so we decided to move to another pub where we both bumped into his other mate but he had a friend with him so was lovely. After standing with them for a while my hubby said he was to drunk and heading home but before i could say i fancied staying out he slipped a condom in my hand and said remember and phone.....

As soon as he left i told his friend to bugger off as I wanted to talk to my new best pal. As soon as he went out of sight we were on our way outside into a taxi and back to his flat....

As soon as we were in the door he had my dress off and my leggings & panties leaving me standing in just my bra, he then pushed me over his couch and slid his jeans down, he began to rub his fingers into my pussy oly to discover I was absolutely soaking...he just began to slide into me which was amazing as he had a huge thick cock which had me screaming straight away... after a few minutes and i was on the brink of coming i told him I wanted to video us fuck, he pulled me up and led me up stairs and into his bedroom.. i was thrown onto the bed as he stripped down , I started to suck his cock, as he stood on the bed, for five minutes then he turned me around and just started to fuck me hard from behind, I phoned my hubby at that point but there was no answer so i left me getting fucked and cumming on my answer machine, which was amazing to listen to later the next day. He then through me on my back pushing my legs right back behind my ears and fucked me for all he was worth until he came all over my tits and belly...

I thought he was done as he lay down, but i was so glad to hear when he told me he was going to fuck me again in ten minutes and my god did he fuck me again..... 50 minutes of getting pumped hard in many positions making me cum over and over again. He did want to fuck my ass but I wanted to leave something for the next time..

I eventually left his flat on monday morning at 4am and got a taxi home to find my hubby sound asleep on the bed drunk. He was soon awake at 7 am the next morning when i was woke up with him fingering my still soaking pussy before he fucked me really hard as i told him about the events..

i can tell you my pussy was so sore all monday and tuesday but well worth it. Now i just need to see this guy again but he keeps saying he is looking to settle down , come on I just need some fucking, please!!! my ass is next...x