Written by Sandra666

28 May 2014

Ive been feeling horny for months and been really busy at work but I kept promising myself id do something daring when I had the time and the weather was glorious.

A little bit about myself, im thirty now and tall and thin, small boobs and have a fleshy vj, I first shaved my pubes at 18 leaving the smallest excuse of a postage stamp and it was the following day that I treated my boyfriend at the time to some daring pics.

I will tell you a little about that day, which has stayed in my mind for 13 years. He had two hobbies his car and his camera and I came third! But I knew he liked to combine all three, so one Sunday I gave him a treat. I wore my three inch heel black shoes, a white lined skirt , lace white bra, warm cotton shirt and a blue jacket, which spent most of its time on the back seat of the car.

Once we had parked in the corner of a farmers track a mile or so from the nearest house, he started taking photos of me through the sunroof and then my legs as I got out of the car in slow motion, as such, as he kept saying stop hold it there. A few photos in front of the car and then sat on the boot. My heart was thumping and my nipples were rock hard. Slowly the pics got more daring. My skirt which was already above the knee was folded over at the top, and I was just in my bra and jacket on my top half, then just my jacket. He then asked if I could stand with my legs as far apart as possible. I said no you will see my knickers. He said I wont .i will tell you if I see them. I was trembling and my heart was racing, my tummy had millions of butterflies and I could feel the air on my pussy, I kept looking down and saying are you sure you cant see anything my skirt is really short. I daren’t put my hand under the hem of my skirt as that would look too rude if he got a pic of that so I had to take his word for it. How many photos have you left I asked , he replied 6, please put your hands on your hips and move your feet apart a little more give me attitude. All I could think about was my red hot fleshy vulva.Then he said with you hands behind your head..omg he said you aren’t wearing panties! I laughed and said nope! And pulled my skirt down quickly and said that’s enough pics and got dressed again.taking some nix from my jacket pocket and putting them on.

Anyway this Sunday I went around to my mums for Sunday roast and wore a long denim skirt , we had a lovely meal and washed up and as I sat next to her I knew I wouldn’t ever be flashing my bits so it gave me confidence. She did say are you ok , you look like the cat that got the cream and have a red face!

Sunday night I shaved my mound completely bare..felt very naughty and Monday came and it was a beautiful day. Old trainers white denim miniskirt and polotop and sports bra..no point being too obvious I though..my little secret.

Drove the 4 miles to my nearest town and it was packed. Just walking around with my throbbing pussy an inch from view was the sexiest thing I’ve ever done. I actually was feeling dizzy and lightheaded from the excitement.Eating chips on the market. Driving home I could feel I was making my skirt and car seats wet and I could smell myself. I think that’s all you need to know , but I want to do it again today.am I normal?