Written by Tom

22 Mar 2008

My name is Tom, I am 26 5 foot nine with mousy hair and a toned figure. Every Sunday night for the about 6 months I had gone to Bingo. Every week I sat at the same table as everyone had \"their\" spot. Anyway On the table next to me sat a lady called Barbara with whom I got on well. Over the 6 months I got to know Barbara and I began picking her up and dropping her off every week. Barbara was about 55 with short black hair and about a size 14 with 36 DD breasts.

After 6 months Barbara asked me if I wanted to come to her place one Friday just to watch some films and chat. I being a gentleman agreed and so it was date. Anyway the friday came and I wore a pink sriped shirt and jeans and arrived at her house at 7pm as agreed. I rang the doorbell and after a few moments Barbara answered the door with just a towel wrapped around her. She apoligised and said she had been late home from work and to make myself at home whilst she got dressed. She showed me to the lounge where I sat with a raging hard on after seeing such a beautiful woman.

After around 15 minutes Barbara came downstairs wearing fishnet tights and a black dress. This did absolutely nothing for my hard on as she looked stunning.

She brought us both drinks in and put Pretty Woman on. Great I thought. A night of watching soppy romantic films.

She came and sat down next to me and snuggled up to me and about halfway through the film I needed to go to the toilet. As I stood up Barbara noticed my hard on and said \"someones excited arent they?\" I just went off to the toilet trying to ignore her little comment.

When I came back downstairs Barbara had sat up and she asked me if I wanted to watch something else I wasnt bothered I told her but when images of two naked bodies appeared on the screen I said that I didnt realise that was what you had in mind you minx.

After about 10 minutes of watching an amazing porn movie Barbara started to undo the buttons on my shirt. I was a little shocked at this but didnt mind and I told her to stand up. I turned her round and unzipped the black dress she was wearing and found out that she was wearing suspenders and no bra.

Once she had stripped all my clothes off we stood and kissed passionately with my hands slipping between her legs and fingering her bald wet cunt. She began moaning louder and louder and told me to fuck her hard on the sofa. I obliged and slipped my dick into her wet hole with ease. after about a minute she came and told me to stop for a moment as she hadnt experinced an orgasm like it for at least 10 years. I took my dick out and began plying with it when all of a sudden Barbara said that I should put it up her arse as she had always wanted it but had never had it.

First of all I began to finger her arse and spit on it to get it wet and ready for my dick. after doing this for about 5 mins she began begging me to put it in her. I did so put took two or three pushes to get my 8 inches into her tight hole. I began pumping my dick in and out as hard as I could with Barbara screaming in pleasure. This sent me over the edge and I came up her arse.