Written by Danny

13 Jan 2018

Last night I had sex with my fiancé’s 62 yr old mum on the sink of the disabled toilets whilst at her sisters birthday party. It all just kind of happened but now I can’t stop thinking about it.

I was coming out of the toilets and her mum was standing by the disabled toilets looking quite drunk and crying. I went over and gave her a hug as she told me how seeing her ex husband here with his other woman was devastating and she felt really ugly and lonely.

As we embraced my hands wrapped around her tiny petit figure I told her she was beautiful and his new woman had nothing on her. She looked up staring into my eyes and said “thanks for being nice”. I replied saying “I’m being honest you don’t realise how attractive you are”. She smiled and just kissed me on the lips as I stood frozen to the spot panicking that someone might see. I pushed her away and said “we can’t someone might see us”. She just grabbed my hand and pulled me into the disabled toilets locking the door behind her. My heart was racing as raw passion took over and we passionately kissed eachother as my hands moved over her body. It was electric.

Her head arched back gripping my hair I kissed her neck as she breathed heavily. “I want you” she yearned as she pulled me over to the sink and started to undo my belt. My cock throbbing I lifted her dress moving my hand up her thigh and under her knickers. She was so wet as I rubbed her clit her body grinding against me. She took out my cock and began to stroke it as I hitched her onto the sink holding her legs either side of me. Was this actually happening.

I exhailed as I felt her guide my cock deep inside her thrusting hard up against her. She put her hands back on the sink looking intensely into my eyes as I moved faster and harder against her. Her eyes rolled back as I tightly gripped her legs thrusting deep as she started to moan loudly. “Cum inside me” she gasped grabbing my head panting fast. I could feel her getting more excited as she bite on my shoulder with a muffled groan as I felt myself unable to hold back any longer. The sensation was unreal as we both climaxed together, my head just resting on her shoulder as we both caught our breath.

“That was amazing” she said as we parted and tried to compare ourselves. I guess it dawned on her what had happened as she looked quite flustered and quickly exited the bathroom leaving me just sitting there trying to figure out what had occurred.

It’s fair to say we avoided eye contact for the rest of the evening but I know she is thinking about it. Who knows maybe any other encounter is possible now she knows I’m willing too.