Written by ANALALAN

20 Apr 2008

Not been a lover of BBQs i was in two minds , sould i go or go streight to the pub, has i passed there was i lot of noise coming from Pauls BBQ, so i popped in for a beer, i talked to a few old mates and was getting into the BBQ party.after a few beers i asked Paul where the toilet was, Ladies upstairs, gents the outside toilet next door mate he said.So off i went around to next doors garden, I pushed the door open , and there was CAROL sat on the toilet having a pee,\"COME IN AND SHUT THE DOOR , OR FUCK OFF, CANT YOU SEE IM BUSY\" she said, so in i went and stood talking to her , while she was pissing, she reached over for the paper and wiped her pussy, \"RIGHT YOUR TURN , IM GOING TO WATCH YOU NOW, SEE HOW YOU LIKED TO BE WATCHED\" she said, pulling up her panties and dropping her skirt down, i moved over and took out my semi hard cock and let loose, when i finished i pulled my foreskin back to show off my purple head, \" WANT TO SHAKE IT DRY\" i asked, she reached down and started to shake my cock, the shaking turned into a wanking,Soon i was rock hard and panting away as she wanked, she pulled her hand away then turned to the toilet and bent over, \"MAKE IT QUICK \" she said.I lifted up her dress on to her back pulled down her panties and slipped my cock up her pussy, i was fucking her hard and fast, she was moaning for me to go faster, Next there was a knock on the door, she jumped up and started to pull up her panties, i put my cock away ,and opened the door, there outside waiting for the toilet a few lads, who all cheered, as we stepped out, i went back to the party and CAROL went off to her mates.It was getting cold and i said i was off the the pub, later in walked CAROL and asked me to join her outside, she wanted a fag, we walked to the back of the beer garden, where it was over grown and we were hiden by trees and bushes. she finished her fag the held onto a tree and told me to FUCK HER, i lifted up her skirt , no panties, she said she had taken then off because i had made her so wet, i slipped my cock into her pussy from behind and fucked away, she told me to stop, but not to take my cock out, then she used her pussy to milk my cock, it was fantastic, \"YOU LIKE MY F.H.B \" has i was shooting my spunk up her, \"YOUR WHAT ?\" I said \"F.H.B\" ,\"WHATS THAT MEAN \" i asked \"FANNY HEART BEAT \" she replyed, has the last of my load shot from my cock, pulling out she dropped down and licked it clean, \" CANT WASTE ANY \" she said, Fuck you made me so fucking wet , she looked at her pussy dripping pussy juice and spunk, then reached down and with a finger, scooped up a load of spunk and pussy juice that was running down the thigh and put it in her mouth licking her finger clean.She then left and went back to her mates at the BBQ,