Written by Nigel and Clair

3 Sep 2019

I’m married to the very pretty Clair who for some reason that I can’t work out I have wanted to watch get fucked by another guy for as long as I can remember. She is way out of my league so I guess I should do whatever it takes to keep her to myself. But, being a moron, I was desperate to fulfil my fantasy.

Move on 10 years after we got married and we watch a film where just that happens. A guy gets his wife to sleep with someone else. Clair shrieks in horror and I tell her that the idea is so hot it gives me a hard on. To begin with she doesn’t get it but after I explain that its just sex and not love and how its good for the woman to have an adventure and so on and so on she looks at me and after a minute admits that when we fuck, not make love just fuck, she fantasises that I’m someone else, a stranger she has seen or someone on TV. And so the conversation gets hornier and we end up having sex on the sofa talking dirty and she pretends I’m a guy who we see now and again in a coffee shop.

Move on another 6 months and we have fantasised about it a few time but agreed that we would never go on line or anything like that. We go on holiday to Miami, we’re in a great hotel and having a good time. Now , I know men (and women) look at Clair and look her up and down, she has long blond hair and the darkest blue eyes I have ever seen ( from her Scandinavian mother). She has a great body along with full but firm breasts. Some of my mates are convinced that she’s had a bob job but she definitely hasn’t.

When on holiday Clair loves to wear shorts and a top with no bra and because she has quite full breasts, they do sway a little and are hot as hell and she gets noticed. On this holiday she was noticed by a lot of people but one guy actually had the balls to hit on her, and believe it or not, he did it through me.

The conversation was something like this. Man your wife is hot, I guess she’s gets a lot of admirers. I told him that she did. Fuck man, she’s driving me crazy. He goes on a bit about himself and then how Clair makes it so he can’t concentrate.

I told Clair of the conversation and she giggles. I remind her of our fantasy (well mine I guess) and she actually says to me, ‘if I was going to do it, it would be with someone like him’. This guy is a tanned white guy local to Miami, over 6’ and very well built and a bit rough looking.

That night Clair and I have sex and I tell her to imagine he’s fucking her and fuck does she go wild. So I decide to see how far I can get this to go.

The next day when we get back to the hotel he’s there. Clair goes to our room to shower and have a lay down, I go to the bar and sit next to this guy. The conversation starts with him telling me how great Clair looks today. I bring into the conversation the bit about how my mates think she’s had a boob job but she hasn’t, he tells me that he thinks she has amazing breasts and adds that he would give anything to suck those babies adding ‘no offence’ . I tell him that Clair loves having her tits sucked.

Later Clair and I have finished dinner and return to the hotel. Over food I’ve told her about my conversation and how this gut is desperate so get her into bed. I expected Clair to say something like ‘behave’ or ‘that will never happen’. Instead she just holds my hand and says ‘what do you think, are you sure’. My cock went hard immediately, she was actually considering it.

I said that it would just be a bit of fun, she smiled and agreed. My mouth went dry, this was actually going to happen.

I couldn’t get her back to the hotel fast enough. On the way we bumped into our friend, he was on his way out to some bar to meet friends. He was mesmerised by Clair who went on to the hotel. I asked him if he still wanted to ‘have fun with her tits’. The reply was as expected, in his deep American accent ‘ fuck yeh man’. I suggested he comes back with me.

I go to the hotel room to make sure Clair was on with this, she shrugs her shoulders, ‘its just a bit of fun’ . I told her that I think he just wants to feel her tits, she says ok but wants to know what she should do if he wants sex. I told her to play it by ear.

On this evening she was wearing a blouse and bra which was unusual, so I got het to take it off. Her tits where pressing against the material and I knew she was aroused because her nipples where big and hard.

Neither of us had a clue what we here doing so I suggested that she just lets him come in and see what happens. Then I go to the bar to get him. I lied and told him that Clair loves a man to be the silent strong type and is expecting him to walk in and touch her breasts and to take her blouse off and start sucking and playing with her tits.

He seemed excited and stressed at the same time saying ‘ fuck man, I can’t believe your all up for this, this is amazing’.

I walked into the room followed by our stranger. Clair is standing there in a skirt and blouse. Her breasts almost pushing out of the material.

I stand aside and happens. Clair is staring at him, looking him in the eyes, he is doing the same.

The guy walks up to Clair and says ‘HI’ opens a few buttons on her blouse and sides his hand onto her breast and starts to gently play with her.

Clair takes a deep breath in and puts her hands on his waist. He then opens her blouse completely and is touching both of them. In a matter of under a minute he takes his t short off to reveal a very toned body, my wife kisses his chest whilst he unzips her skirt and pulls it down followed by his own jeans. The two of them are standing there naked, her tongue is in his mouth and her hand on his extremely impressive and semi hard cock.

The guy picks Clair up and lays her on the bed and starts sucking her nipples whilst massaging her pussy. My wife is whimpering, her hands go from his shaved head to his back to her breasts and back to his head. She doesn’t know what to do with herself whilst he sucks and licks her nipples whilst his fingers fuck her pussy.

Then he slides down and his mouth explored her pussy whilst he reaches up and grips her tits and I’m not so sure this is a good idea by now it’s too late. Clair is pushing her pussy into his mouth and repeating over and over ‘fuck, fuck’.

He runs his tongue up her tummy and back to her tits. Now his cock is hard and fucking huge. He looks my wife in the face and tells her, not asks but tells her ‘I’m going to fuck you hard’ My wife just replied ‘please’ and he guides his cock into her and she screams.

I sit on a chair and watch for over half an our and he fucks my wife and I have to listen to her crying out about how big he is, ho hard he is and how he’s stretching her pussy and listen to her begging him to fuck her hard. He obliges.

I watch him turn her over and fuck her doggy style whilst he fingers her ass. I watch him carry her around the room with her impaled on his cock, her fat tits either swaying or pressed against his chest. And I listen to my once quiet wife calling him all the fucking bastards and amazing fucks she can think of. He then lowers her to her knees and feeds his cock into her mouth and proceeds to fuck her face. I listen and watch my wife choke and gag, tears running down her face.

In the end I leave them to it and go to the bar for another 30 min. Then thinking that they must be finished by now I go back to the room but even before I open the door, I know they haven’t.

I walk in and he has her on her side, one leg bent and the other straight under him and he’s fucking away holding her down. I’ve come in at the right time, I hadn’t thought about telling him not to cum in my wife and to be honest I thought she would just let him play with her tits and maybe suck his cock but he starts to tell her that he’s going to cum.

Clair tells him ‘thank fuck’ and goes on about how she can’t take much more and tells him that she’s going to pass out. Then she screams at him to cum inside her ‘fucking fill me with it’.

Clair goes quiet as he grunts and shudders clearly impregnating my wife. I hear a quiet whimper as my wife shudders and then tells him ‘no more, I can’t do it anymore’.

He collapses onto the bed next to her, his dick getting softer but still impressive. He’s out of breath as is Clair. The two of them are soaking wet. Clair slaps him on the chest and tells him he has to go followed by ‘no more, I can’t anymore’.

As he gets dressed, thanking me as though I had just given him millions of dollars, I wonder what he’s done to my wife. I look at her and other than half asleep and panting and wet she’s seems fine.

I went to get on the bed but its soaking, so I sleep on the sofa waking at about 3am when Clair goes to the bathroom and showers.

I go to the bathroom and ask her if she’s ok. My wife is in the shower just standing there. She reaches back and asks me to get in with her. We hug and she apologises. She apologises telling me that she didn’t; expect it to be like that, and tells me quite openly that he made her cum over and over until she thinks she passed out for a few seconds and how he came inside her maybe three times and that she shouldn’t have let him but it was so amazing.

I was hard now and she noticed. She said that she couldn’t fuck any more tonight, so she tosses me off letting me cum in her mouth.

She said that she could never do that again because it was too much but she did. Two nights later he comes up t her at the bar and takes my wife by her hand. Clair looks at me and just say ‘one more time’ as he pull’s her away. That was 9pm, I saw my wife again at breakfast at 9.30am in the same dress, her hair wet from the shower.

But it wasn’t the last time was it. We told her new friend on our last night that we were leaving the next day and went to our room to have an early night ready for an early trip the next morning.

A minute later there’s a knock on the door, Clair opens it and her ‘friend’ is there. She comes back in followed by him. I’m not happy about this tell him that she’s had enough now. But Clair stands in front of me and tells me to open her dress and kisses me on the mouth and says ‘both of you, please.

I turn her round to face him and open her dress and let her breasts fall out. Both our friend and I fucked my wife until the early hours having our first ‘spit roast’ , both of us cuming in her pussy and mouth, making her climax several times.

Then it was over. I think we had two hours sleep that night and the smell of cum was still on her even after she showered before we left.

Now my wife is ruined. When we fuck she used to have an orgasm every time, now its once in a while. She wants to do it again but I’m not so sure it’s a good idea.

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