Written by Little me.

13 Aug 2016

I live with my girlfriend who I’ll call Tina. I won’t give her real name because our relationship is on thin ice because of me as it is and I’m telling you all because I think my ‘fetish’ is getting out of control so although this isn’t an agony aunt site it makes me feel better to write it all down, and apart from that the whole thing is so out there it makes me hard just thinking about it.

Tina and I are both 23, we live in a flat which overlooks our neighbours who are (excuse my language) complete fucking shits. He is a huge guy, about 6’4 or 5 and extremely powerful, not someone you would want to mess with.

But I spent over a year trying to convince Tina to be more adventurous, you see Tina is very insecure about her body. She is very slim, has tiny titties which she has a complex about, in fact we had been going out for over a month before I got to see them. She is ginger and covered in freckles which I find very sexy but she hates. She has a lovely pair shaped bum which she hates as well and a fuzzy ginger pussy and when I met her was painfully shy.

After a long time she let me take photos of her with her face covered and post them on a swinging site to show her what reaction she would get. It was amazing with men couples and other women wanting to get in touch just to be able to fuck Tina. This boosted her confidence and so she let me post photos with her face uncovered and some of us fucking. But I put a lot of pressure on her to get involved in swinging because I wanted to fuck the wife of the guy opposite. I knew it was on the cards because I made the mistake of telling him about the photos and how he could see them and he made it quite clear that he and his wife wanted to ‘ do her’ as he put it.

I went on and on about being adventurous and swapping until one day Tina was not completely refusing to talk about it. I felt confident enough to start talking about the guy opposite until one day Tina tells me that we were going over to them for a meal. I thought it was a bit weird but agreed because when I told her I wasn’t sure we was mad as hell because I had gone on about him so much but I was warned not to embarrass her when a few home truths came out.

To be honest I was shitting myself, I thought she was going to tell him that I had nagged her to fuck him and that he would go ape shit or there would be a scene but I had no choice but to tag along and hope she didn’t say anything stupid. But during the meal Tina brought up the photos and said she was glad he and his wife liked them then it clicked, (excuse the pun) she knew I had told him and that he had seen them but the Tina told me that she had worked out who one of her admirers was from the site and that for weeks him and his wife had been exchanges explicit e mails and photo’s with Tina.

I wasn’t sure what the fuck was going on. We moved to the living room where he and Tina sat on the sofa with me on one chair and his Mrs on another with everyone chilled except me who seriously stressed. Then whilst talking about nothing in particular he asked Tina to take her top off which she did without question exposing her small but firm tits. He moves over and put one in his mouth and sucks.

His wife giggles and so does Tina then he’s pulling at her jeans pulling them off completely. I started to ask what the fuck was going on (as if I didn’t know) but Tina snaps at me and tells me to shut the fuck up and that this was what I wanted.

I sat there and watched him suck fist one tit and then the other leaving them glistening whilst he moved to her pussy and started sucking that. Tina’s eyes are rolling and she pulls herself up and asked him if he was going to fuck her.

He tells her that of course he’s going to fuck her, he told her as though it was obvious. Then he stood up took his clothes off letting his fat cock swing free. I wasn’t sure if I liked this and started to get up but he shouted at me to sit down and like a pathetic boy did as I was told.

Then he starts back on Tina’s ginger minge letting his fingers and tongue do the work. I hadn’t noticed his wife take her top off showing her large amazing tits swing. I thought I was going to get a fuck but instead she knelt beside Tina and as he sucked my girls pussy she sucked her tits.

Tina was squealing and arching her back. He knelt beside her and fucked her using three or four of his fingers whilst his wife took his big cock in her mouth and sucked him off. I didn’t know what to do but had a hard on and got my cock out and started to wank myself. Tina looked at me and shouted for me to put it away and that no one wanted to see that. He laughed so I did what I was told feeling ashamed.

Then the piece of shit pulled out of his wife’s mouth and put his nob between Tina’s legs and slid his wet cock into her pussy. His big powerful body towering over Tina’s small frame.

Tina went nuts and started arching her back and bucking begging him to fuck her and he obliged, smashing her like an animal. He fucked her like he was possessed and he and his wife pulled Tina to the floor and fucked her again, sometime on her back and sometime on her knees. For a while Tina rode him whilst his wife explored her mouth and tits with her mouth. Then Tina’s thrown onto her back and he held her down by her throat and feeds his cock which was soaking with my girls pussy juice into her mouth. Tears are rolling down Tina’s face and I wasn’t’ sure if she was ok with this until he started to pull out and she pulled him back and raised her head to get it back in.

He fucked her face, growling calling Tina a fucking slut and then tells her he’s’ going to cum in her mouth. She pulls back and begs him to cum in her pussy so he obliges, the two of them shouting and grunting as they fuck like animals. His wife finger fucking herself in between grabbing Tina’s tits and almost eating them. Then they cum, Tina shaking as though she’s having a fit, him thrusting and cuming then thrusting again his face contorted like he’s in pain. Then his wife crawls over to me, unzips my trousers and sucks me off going nuts on my nob putting it as deep down her thought as it would go.

I didn’t last long and shot my load into her stunning mouth but instead of swallowing she rushed over to Tina and kisses her on the mouth, the two of them sharing my cum whilst grinding against each other and coming again.

I just sat there wondering what the fuck had happened until Tina told me to ‘ fuck off home’. I didn’t respond until she repeated herself and he told me to do the same.

I did as I was told but Tina didn’t come home that night, in fact I didn’t see her until 6 in the morning when she walked in her clothes messed. She was stinking of cum but didn’t’ shower but just climbed into bed telling me how many times they fucked her and how he just kept Cumming and how amazing he was.

Now the three of them fuck two or three times a week but I’m not invited, I just have to watch from the window and he and his wife fuck my girl becoming more and more rough. And then I have to listen to Tina as she tells me how her pussy hurts from the fucking. One evening she comes back and burbs stinking of cum and laughs.

I’ve been promised a fuck when they decide its time. Tina gave me a message from him that she belonged to him now and I can’t touch her until he says so. She finds this funny and I have to be honest I find it so hot