Written by paulsilver

9 Jun 2008

For as long as I can remember I fantasised about my wife being fucked by a well endowed black guy.

She too had shared talking about it, but she seemed too shy to pursue it, and whilst the subject came up during foreplay I thought it would remain a just a fantasy.

As we got older I decided to push the dream, especially as Elaine had got more and more confident sexually and had had on a few occasions allowed guys to grope her tits and bum. She had once admitted that she loved the idea of seeing, touching, sucking and fucking a large circumcised black cock.

I still got no reaction from her when I tried to push my request, until about a month ago, when, having had a great night out together with a few drinks, we returned to a warm empty house and began some foreplay; I brought the black man subject up again.

This signalled a change in her. It was clear she wanted to tell me something, but then clammed up. After twenty minutes or so of coaxing, when I repeatedly reassured her that whatever she had done, I would never leave her, she eventually told me that she loved me very much, never wanted to be without me, but would tell me her secret only if I swore I would forgive her. I suspected she had a one night stand to admit, so I kissed her, repeated my love for her, and asked her to tell me what had happened as there was no going back now.

It actually started when I had had an affair with a girl at work. Elaine was naturally very upset but had forgiven me and we worked through this difficult period. She later got a new job at a doctors surgery where there was a good social life and I think this helped her recover the confidence I had shattered by shagging elsewhere.

With a tear in her eye, she told me that several years ago, during a night out at a club to celebrate a colleagues wedding/engagement or such, (she couldn’t remember which,) she met up with a drug rep that she dealt with at work. He was a personable, attractive coloured guy who had always made a fuss of her. He was out with a small group of other guys, mainly coloured. She ended up spending time with him and his friends, dancing close, flirting etc. They stayed very late having had a great time. She told him I was away on a Speedway watching trip; and the kids were staying at their partners (true) admitting with hindsight it gave him a bit of a green light.

With alcohol clouding her judgement, she got in a cab that took him, her and two of his friends (one white, one black) back to the house which the three guys shared for a late late drink.

Needless to say, they weren’t there long before he made a pass and they began snogging and groping. The other two guys were still in the room but not participating. In no time she was topless in their company and Marcus, as the guy was called, was naked. She had finally seen a black mans cock which she then touched, wanked and sucked. The others looked on from a very short distance then joined in the touching of her. One went off, came back with a camera and took a photo.

The groping etc went on for a long time until finally she gave in to the obvious, allowed her jeans and knickers to be removed and agreed to be fucked. He lifted her onto his knees and impaled her on him. When questioned, she admitted it was the sexiest feeling she had ever felt, particularly as the other two were still watching. She posed for another photo whilst on his cock

Sun up had long passed when Marcus organised her a cab home. She felt guilty but also exhilarated by the experience, seeing it as revenge for my affair the previous year. They naturally exchanged numbers.

She has carried on seeing him for sex at least a few times a year ever since, the number of occasions depending on his dating. When I had asked her to sleep with a black guy she had been tempted to own up, but really didn’t know how I would take it in real life.

When asked, she said that she had always enjoyed our love making but sex with a young black guy was very ‘naughty’.

She had also allowed his friends to join them and participate in mutual touching etc but swears that no-one else has fucked her.

Marcus is into taking photos during sex, particularly as one friend was a bit of a photographer. As recently as six weeks ago, he got her to pose for another photo after he had written on her with a marker pen. When pushed, Elaine admitted she had some of the photos hidden on her computer, and at my insistence, she went off and printed them for me whilst I sat in a daze.

Looking at them, the sight of her naked in front of more than one man, touching other guys cocks, being fucked and even taking one in the arse whilst another guy touched her pussy and someone else looked on brought home that what she had told me was true. I was shocked; I felt dizzy, sick and humiliated especially when I saw what had been written on her naked body. But I was also very turned on.

I had always dreamed about this moment and now I had proof it had happened.

My fantasy has really been a reality for a long while without me knowing it. I look at the photos all the time. Most times I am incredibly turned on but sometimes I am upset and jealous.

In our conversations since it is clear that my demure conservative wife has had a bit of a double life. She has agreed that although Marcus has treated her well as a person she accepts that sexually she has been used, and loved it. Although she swears she has not been fucked by any of his friends, she estimates that over 10 of them have seen her naked and most of them have touched her tits and pussy. She has also wanked and sucked many of their cocks, and admitted that at least 4 have come in her mouth.

She has not said that she will stop seeing him nor have I asked her to.

I feel I am responsible for what has happened. The affair I had and the enthusiasm I showed towards Elaine fucking a black guy has pushed her to do what she has.