Written by Ron

28 Dec 2013

my story starts ten years ago, when Jen my wife of 15 years at that time and myself Ron started to talk about our previous sex lifes before we met,one thing that always got me going was when Jen told me about her first lover Alex,seemingly he had an enormous cock and I always wondered if I really came up to the mark,although I thought we had a really good sex life probably fucking most days,before we go any further Jen is now 50, slim dark hair always dressed imaculatly and mostly always shaved smooth wearing the sexiest smallest thongs that leave very little to the imagination with small firm breasts with very large sensitive nipples,

So here we are fucking most nights bringing in our previous partners to our sex talk, talking about what it was like to be fucked by a big cock or what I used to do with my previous girlfriends,we both found it brought us to very strong amazing orgasms time after time,then one night I was reading a story on here as it happens about a couple who went to a club after having spent the evening drinking in a pub,the couple in question had entered the club and the husband had ventured off to get them drinks but when he got to the table his wife wasn't there but on looking round he found her dancing with a big guy on the dance floor,after a couple of dances she returned to the table and the husband asked who the guy was,she said that she didn't know hed just asked her to dance when he saw her sitting alone so off she went, well to cut a long story short the husband went for more drinks and when he got back again the wife was up dancing with this guy again so he watched for a while and she seemed to be enjoying herself so he just sat people watching and drinking but seemed to loose sight of his wife and this big guy she was with and after 5 minutes decided to go looking, here they were at the back of the hall in an alcove snogging so he stood back out of view watching, at this point I have to say my six inch cock is starting to throb reading this so I started to wank off as I read,i started to imagine Jen in this situation as the story went on to say the husband watched his wife get taken by this big guy who eventually fucked her standing up against the wall, when they were finished the wife returned to the table and the husband asked where she had been she said the toilet and had met an old friend,

The whole picture in my mind brought me to an amazing orgasm probably one of the best ever and it got me thinking maybe my Jen would like to try a great big cock again,so when she came to bed I told her what I had read and I think at the time to please me she said she wouldn't mind trying a big cock again,

So move on 5 years and were still talking about it in bed when were fucking but still at fantasie stage probably in my mind that's all it was ever going to be until one night I was chatting to a guy on here and he said he wanted to fuck my wife with his 9 inch cock,i said i'll ask her but not sure off the response, anyway two or three nights later I asked if she would like a 9 inch cock to fuck her,she was nearly coming on my cock at the time sitting in top of me and me pulling her large nipples she said yes yes yes I want that big cock to fuck me hard we both came like never before, when we came back to reality I said do you really she said she likes the thought of it but no it wouldn't happen as she was happy with what we had,

By this time I'm imagining this guy fucking my wife and wanking off regularly thinking about it,so the next time I was chatting to this guy we set up a plan,i was to take my wife out to a hotel for dinner after dinner retire to the lounge for a drink,he was staying in the hotel and he would be in the lounge waiting,id go to the bar buy drinks and then go to the toilet and he would step in and introduce himself to her as he saw her sitting alone,well the night came and Jen took ages getting ready as she always does but god when I seen her come out of the bathroom with just a little red thong on I thought what the fuck am I doing why would I want to share her with anyone she looked and smelt amazing I tried to touch her as I knew she had just shaved her mound but she pushed me away saying wait till later,i watched as she dressed in a little matching red lace bra black hold up stockings with the lace tops short red mini skirt red blouse and red and gold stilletos, my cock was raging hard I can tell you.

We set of for the hotel which was quite a distance and it was agreed id drive so she could have a drink all the time worried if I can go through with this,we got to the hotel and had a lovely meal Jen had afew of her favourite tipple in fact more than usual but we hadn't been out in ages, we really enjoyed the atmosphere and she said to me its a pity weve to go home,i said theres no hurry lets go to the bar and have a drink,by this time my stomach was in knots,we entered the bar and the guy was sitting at the far end of the lounge, he smiled as I walked to the bar and ordered more drinks for Jen and I,I returned to our table nervous as anything thinking we could just have this drink and leave but as i looked over the guy caught my eye and I thought in for a penny in for a pound so I left and went to the toilet,in the toilet I was shakin like a leaf, I sent Jen a text sayin wont be long and that she was looking so sexy,well to my surprise I got a text back saying that a guy had asked if he could buy her a drink and to hurry back as she was a bit nervous,i thought o fuck what now so I sent one back saying maybe he has a nine inch cock lol but got no reply so I set off back to the table,when I got there here was Jen getting chatted too by the guy id been chatting to on here,he introduced himself to me as Kevin and said that he hoped I didn't mind him chatting to Jen and that he was staying in the hotel that night and just said hello to Jen as she was sitting alone then he offered me a drink I said no thanks but asked if he wanted to join us which of course he accepted,i got a funny look from Jen but within 15 mins of talking she relaxed maybe it was the drink starting to take effect,anyway Kevin got up for more drinks and I got an earful about the text id sent her about her getting the big cock, I said sorry but if your in the mood don't be afraid to flirt she said get lost and id freak if she did I said try and see at that kevin returned so we changed subject back to what we do and things like that.within 5 mins Jen was laughing and joking again and she asked Kevin where his wife was, oh shes back home as he was in town for one night on business and she wasn't happy that he was staying out,Jen asked why is she scared you play away and kevin said not much chance of that,Jen replyied you never know your luck I gulped and thought bloody hell the plan I had is backfiring Jen seems to have taken things into her hand herself,

Well we sat and chatted about everything and nothing and when I thought nothing was going to happen I suggested that we get going JEN said not yet why don't you go and ge more drinks I said are you sure she said the night is young, and I thought crikay your usually needing your bed long before now, I went to the bar to order more drinks and the barnan said were just closing the bar and if we didn't mind could we drink up fast as he wante to close up,i went back to the table and told Kevin and Jen this and Jen said maybe Kevin would like to show us his room and we could finish our drinks there,Kevin said no problem I lokked at him and he looked at me and I thought what is going through this womans mind, we climbed the stairs and entered the room as we did Kevin went into the toilet and Jen grabbed me and started kissing me really hard and said tonights the night im going to fuck you both, I thought you don't hang around,kevin came out the toilet and caught us kissing and said sorry,Jen said don't be sorry and grabbed him and started doing the same to him and her hands went right to the front of his trousers she broke loose and said hope you don't mind but ive been eyeing up this bulge all night and ive got to have you both. to be continued but only if you want the outcome of what happened