Written by Cucka2

17 Aug 2019

We would like to share an evening with you from the early part of our relationship. We had been going out with each other for a couple of years and booked an 18-30 holiday. One of the early night's a beach party was arranged and we had a Barbie and loads of beer, beach games and loads of horny sexy games.

We ended up on our own with a plastic gallon drum full of wine, we were hammered and there was me Michelle and 3 other guys left. We sat around and continued drinking and one of he guys asked what we should do as the music was gone along with everyone else. I suggested a game of spin the bottle for dares and we all agreed. It was pretty obvious with Michelle being the only girl she was going to be the focus of attention!

So she went first and spun the bottle of landed on Dave and I said Chelle said he should do a sexy dance. He started off and began girating and went up to Michelle and pulled her up and began rubbing himself up on her and grabbing her arse pulling her crotch into his cock. Michelle was well up for it and pushed her hands down his shorts rubbing his dick.

We watched for a while then called time and Dave spun the bottle and it landed on Pete, Dave said he should kiss Michelle and looked at me, I told him it was up to Chelle not me and she just nodded her head. Pete went up to her and he began to kiss her with full on tongues, she is a great kisser and he pulled her arse into him as they kissed and she sucked his tongue. He began to maul her tits through her top and she had big firm tits in those days she had 36D knockers which looked big in her tank top. There was not a great deal of light as we were between the boats pulled up on the beach but there was enough light from the promenade getting through and there were no clouds so we could see quite well. We told them tobreak and Pete spun the bottle which landed on Chelle. We told her she had to take her top off and she nothing more than pull off her tank top and jiggle her tits for us all. She spun and it landed on Andy, we told him he had to suck each of Michelle's nipples for 15 seconds each. She looked at me and smiled as she went over to Andy, I knew she fancied him the most as he was just her type blonde athletic with a big bulge in his shorts!

She offered her tits to Andy and he sucked and bit her nipples, she put her hand down to her pussy and began to rub her clit through her knickers. We called time and he sucked her other nipple as Michelle continued to rub her clit. The 15 seconds were over and we said it was time to stop. Neither of them did, Andy continued to suck Michelle's tits and she continued to rub her clit. I got up and stopped them and the guys boohed.

I spun the bottle and it landed on it landed on Chelle, I dared her to suck each guys dick in turn. She told me it would have to wait as she needed to pee. I changed my dare to she should go and pee between the boats to the right and we should all watch as she pissed. Andy and Pete said they also needed to piss and now they mentioned it so did i. We said Michelle should piss in front of us and then she should hold our dicks whilst we pissed. We went inbetween the boats on our right, Michelle took off her knickers, pulled up her short skirt and squatted down and began to piss. It erupted from her and we all watched as her piss shot out of her open pussy lips and squirted into the sand. She pissed for ages and although it wasn't great light we could see her open lips and her piss squirting out. She began to squirt less and she finished, I was getting hard now and she grabbed hold of Andy's cock as he had pulled down his shorts and she pointed his dick away from us as he began to piss, he was semi hard and she kept trying to pull his foreskin back as he pissed. When he finished she gently shook his cock and began to wank it slowly making him hard.

Pete and Dave said it was their turn and pulled Andy off and put their cocks into Michelle's hands as they both began to piss at the same time, they had taken down their shorts by this time and they both had semis on. Michelle was loving the attention and watched the pricks as they pissed. She knelt down as they were finishing and I think this is where her love of water sports began. As they both began to dribble she sucked at their pricks and swallowed their piss as they finished. It wasn't much but it was horny as hell as she rubbed her clit at the same time.

The game was done now as I pushed Michelle against one of the boats and began to kiss her and rub her clit. Dave and Pete came over and began to suck her tits either side of me and Andy dropped to his knees in front of Michelle and I could feel his tongue lapping at her pussy. I stopped kissing her and knelt down next to Andy and opened her pussy for him as he pushed a couple of fingers up inside her and began to frig her pussy as he licked her clit. Chelle was gagging for it now and said she wanted to be fucked, we lay her down in between the boats and Dave knelt at her head as Pete began to suck her tits and Andy continued to pick her pussy.

He knelt up and began to rub his hard prick up and down Michelle's pussy lips as he rubbed his precum into her making her cunt even wetter. He now eased himself inside as I rubbed at her clit as Dave fucked her mouth with his prick. Chelle was slurping his cock into her mouth, wanking it with one hand and sucking it deeper into her mouth as Dave began to fuck her mouth faster and faster. Andy was now fucking her pussy very fast and shouted he was coming, I continued to rub Michelle's clit and she began to whimper and tremble and I knew she was about to come. Andy shouted on fuck I am coming up your cunt, and I watched as he clenched his arse cheeks and shot his come up my girlfriend. He was shooting his cum up her as Dave shot a huge was of sperm into Michelle's mouth. He grabbed her head and forced his cock deep into her throat making her gag as he shot his spunk into her mouth. I pushed him back a bit and his cock came out of Chelles mouth and he shot some spunk across her chin. He pushed his cock back into her mouth and shot the rest of his sperm into her mouth.

Andy was now spent and he pulled his prick out of Michelle's sloppy pussy and some sperm shot out, Pete's prick was now very hard and throbbing and he looked at me as if to say is it okay and I nodded down to her open wet cunt.

Andy pulled away and his sperm was now drizzling out of Michelles well fucked cunt. Pete knelt between her legs and pushed himself inside her. Dave was pushing his softening cock into Chelles mouth and she was cleaning his prick pulling his foreskin back and sucking it clean. She swallowed his sperm, caught the spunk on her chin with her fingers and sucked them dry. Pete now began to fuck her pussy in earnest, and his prick was covered in a creamy white residue of Andy sperm and Michelle's cum juices.

He lay down on top of her, put her legs over his arms and opened her legs reallywide. I went to one side and Dave went to the other and we held her legs wide open and watched Pete's prick fucking Michelle's pussy. He was fucking her hard and fast now and I could see Michelle was going to come again as she began to quiver and she told Pete to fuck her pussy with his prick, she began to moan as she came against his cock shouting at him to fuck her cunt as her orgasm ripped through her.

Pete shouted he was cumming and shot his hot spunk up deep inside Michelle as she came on his prick quivering and shouting obscenities.

Pete forced his prick up inside for one last thrust and held himself deep inside her as he shot the last of his sperm into Michelle's womb.

He pulled out and his thick creamy sperm came out of Michelle's pussy, I was so hard and ready for cumming I dropped into Michelle pushed in my prick managed few thrusts and added my spunk to her already cum filled pussy. Her cunt was so wet and well fucked I could hardly feel myse!f inside her but her cunt was so hot and wet and when I pulled out my prick it was covered with the others guys cum. I walked on my knees to her head and offered her my cock and she opened her mouth as I reached down to her pussy to find Andy already pushing four fingers inside her with one hand and rubbing her clit with the other.

Michelle reached down and held his hand and took my cock from out of her mouth and told Andy she had had enough.

She finished cleaning my cock and she went to the water and waded in and washed her pussy in the cool water. Taking her time to cool down her hot cunt and remove the sperm residue.

When she had done she came back and we had got our shorts and tee shirts on and gave Michelle her tank top back. Andy asked if he could keep her knickers as a souvenir which she agreed to.

This was the third night into our first 18-30 and Michelle loved it. We're still together now and I love sharing her even more now and she has a massive love of younger guys and particularly Turkish guys.

We will share more soon.