Written by GTBELL BOb

8 Jun 2009

this is a genuine true story although quite tame by the standards set on here.

I am bob 52 and my wife is Tina 48.

Last weekend we were playing backgammon in our garden, she was getting cocky after wining two games. I challenged her to make it more exciting by playing the next game for a\\ dare..losing gets to be dared by the winner. I won and dared her to go topless when we took the dog for a walk at Beacon woods country park at Bean near Bluewater. She was not very happy about the dare but after a bit of teasing she agreed.

we set off for bean and when we got there she asked if i was serious, of course I said yes. We walked the red route and after passing the lake she said here goes and removed her top leaving her boobs on full display. We continued walking with her tits out. I could not resist playing and sucking with them. Then the obvious happened a guy turned the corner and saw us, i did notice that he speeded up and my wife was a bit slow to cover up. He said please dont cover them. I was gobsmacked when she left them on display. He had a feel of both of them and then we heard other voices so my wife covered up and marched off quite quickly.

The guy thanked me and walked the other way. When we got home we had fantastic sex and hopefully there will be a repeat.