Written by Caroline

27 Jun 2007

Ever since we both reached our late forties well nearer fifty thsn anything else actually, my husband has started to treat our having sex more as an excuse to have a lie down than anything else.

What used to ba a regular occurence is now very infrequent indeed and when it does happen is not that exciting, I am still as keen as I have always been and up to a week or so ago had never strayed, an accumulation of events conspired to change all that.

Our Saturdays consisted of mainly shopping then a nice lunch and a couple of drinks then home for the afternoon then perhaps meet up with some friends for more drinks and dinner in the evening.

I work for a company which provides staff to other companies who would rather outsource services than employ people they may not require permanently.I have always enjoyed the job as it is always something different and I am never tied to one place all the time.

One Monday my manager said there's a nice job you might be interested in, it's not a million miles from where you live but it's on a Saturday, I thought about it and thought sod it why not, it's only once and I think I can do without shopping for one week.I told my husband and he said actually I have a golf tournement on the same day so it works out fine.

The job was at a hotel about 15 miles from home, this company were holding job interviews and our job was to coral all the hopefuls into a designated area and keep them there until they were called for their turn then to shepherd them in and out, the firm in question had four of their directors doing the interviews in seperate rooms, good job they had four as the place was a bloody zoo and it would have gone on all day if not, I belive this was the first round so that's why there were so many.

I was introduced to the guy who I would be taking the candidates in to meet and he he was around forty good looking but definitely new it, he gave me a good looking over when we shook hands.

We got through the morning suprisingly quickly and managed to get all the hordes processed by around midday. Our team were invited for luch with the other companies people, just a light buffet thing with wine.The guy I had been working for made a bee line for me to thank me and he stayed around me all the time during lunch, always filling my glass when the wine level dropped below half, I have to say I was flattered as I know I am a good twenty years older that my other team members on the day.

After lunch I said I would have to be getting off as I needed to get a cab, my husband had dropped me but wouldn't be done playing golf till much later, so Paul as his name turned out to be said he was also leaving so would organize a taxi, when we got outside half of the people who had attended the mornings sessions must have used the hotel bar so the taxi queue was about a mile long.

Paul said look I only live a couple of miles away so let me drive you to my place and you can ring a cab from there, my mind raced, either stay there for ever waiting or go with this guy, I knew he was trying as during lunch he touched me around the waist a couple of times when making a point,anyway I though why not?

We walked to the car park which was round the back of the hotel, as we neared this nice newish Beamer he pointed the key to unlock the doors, he took me to the passenger side opened the door for me and took my left arm while I got in, as I sat down my dress gave way to gravity as they always do and I could see his gaze follow the hem all the way, my dress wasn't short by any means just a little over the knee but it's suprising how much thigh can get exposed no matter how careful you are.

He got in the driver side and I was having a bit of trouble reaching around to get the seatbelt, he said let me do it and leaned over and accross, he pulled it around and across my lap stroking my leg in the process, I pretended not to notice and he drove off.

At his house I said I'll call a cab now but he said if your not in a rush have a glass of wine, I said okay just the one, we sat on a two seater sofa and he showed me some literature explaining what his company actually did etc, we were obviously sitting very close and I noticed his arm had slipped around the back of the sofa so his left hand was near my left shoulder, while we looked at the magazines he started to stroke my left cheek, in spite of myself I was enjoying his touch and he obviously knew this as his right hand went to my leg and under the hem of my dress.

I mumbled about having to leave but he kiseed me near to my mouth which pushed me over the edge, I responded and soon we were kissing passionately, he opened the top of my dress and stroked my boobs through my bra, he pulled my dress down to my waist and then I stood up do he could pull it off all the way, I stood there in my bra, panties, stockings and suspenders, he stood up and we continued to kiss while I undid his trousers,I pulled off his pants and shirt, he said lets go over to the big sofa, on the way he got my bra off so I arrived at the other side of the room half naked apart from stockings suspenders and panties. He got me on the sofa and laid me down so that he was standing at the side of me starting to remove my panties, his dick was near my face and as he eased them down I started to suck his very swollen penis, he said good girl and took a little longer than required to fully remove my panties.He then ran his hand back up the inside of my leg and to my pussy and began to stroke my by now sodden pussy, he then positioned me on the sofa with my knees up and knelt down to enter me, once inside I wrapped my legs around his waist and he fucked me like that till we both came with huge climaxes.

When we had finished and were getting dressed he told me that he was very successful at getting horny women back to his place to fuck but he had enjoyed fucking me more than any of the others.

I thought arrogant arsehole but I have to admit it was sensational and I did take his business card in case hubby doesn't start and get his act together.