Written by wankingood

6 Feb 2018

This is a rather unusual situation. I am married to a very sexy lady who has satisfied my lust for her to be fucked by other men. I was quite insistant from the off when we met. Already married twice and not wanting to miss out again I assured her I was keen to help her be satisfied with taking her body to other guys for her own gratification. I must have seemed rather odd having only met a few days before and still married at the time to a lovely lady who had also had the pleasure of different cocks at my instigation, but more about her another day.

Liz, my wife nowadays eventually believed my desires and carried out the option of getting bedded many times by many men and therefore I have absolutely no regrets. Now, all these years later I still get a stiffy any time she is dressed up and hope she might give me a thrill by dating some guy in order that she gets his meat deep inside her.

We were taking a weekend away before her birthday last year and had a cottage with a hot tub in the garden. On the first night we tried to get it going but could not manage it as it lit momentarily and then stopped. the water was warm enough but no bubbles or illumination. After a couple of hours messing about with it, we sat waiting for the owner to arrive as we drank a couple of glasses of wine. I saw we were getting down our stash of bottles so said I would walk to the nearby village and replenish our stocks. It was a half hour walk but I could not reduce that to a couple of minutes in the car due to the amount I had consumed. I set off and found a footpath leading towards the village across a field behind out cottage as the fingerboard showed the village was considerably closer this way, I took it gladly, making the walk a mere fifteen minutes. I saw Liz sitting in the early evening sun but as I was walking with the sun directly in her face, I was invisible. Then I saw the car pull up outside the cottage and the owner walk round the back and speaking with Liz. Being so far away I had no idea as to the conversation but she showed him the hot tub and he got to work with me watching from afar.. I stood for a few minutes and saw him tinkering around and returning to look into the tub. I watched for a good ten minutes then decided I should make haste to the shop in case it closed at some ridiculously early hour.

I ran to the village on the other side of the hill, passing the church as I did so and saw the lights in the shop were on. I soon made my purchases and began the return when my phone buzzed. Liz saying the hot tub was fixed. I sent back my confirmation that I had seen the owner arriving as I was on the footpath running up the hill behind us. I also mentioned she maybe ought to test out the tub with the owner standing by in case it fused again. I mentioned that he might like to see her without that bikini. Her reply was that he seemed interested in it, or what was beneath it and maybe it would be fun. I said I was now in a perfect watching position behind some hawthorn bushes. I put the bottles down and waited as I saw her chatting to the owner, then disappeared inside the cottage returning with a glass which he accepted and then he sat down while she went back into the cottage, The upstairs light came on in our bedroom. I made out her standing in front of the window, looking for me so I waved and she noticed my arm and face. Then she shook off her bikini and showed her naked body, before flicking the light off and returning back downstairs and stepping nude into the garden.

She spoke to the amazed owner and then stepped into the tub I was excited and watched as they spoke, but could not hear a thing. The owner eventually stood up and went to the edge of the tub and started to feel her boobs as they bobbed around in the bubbles, her hand stretched across his crotch, rubbing his obviously stiff cock. He undid his trousers and let out his stiff tool to her obvious delight as she took it and aided a higher degree of stiffness by wanking him gently and then taking him in her mouth while he delved a hand beneath the water in search of her cunt, which he obviously found.

This was engrossing for me as I watched from around thirty yards, too far for intimate views, but enough to acknowledge there was a lot of fun going on. All too soon it was over, she sucked him off and swallowed his shots of spunk, licking him clean. In the following few seconds it was if he had been electrocuted, rapidly slipping his cock away and zipping up. He finished his drink and left, all a bit sudden, but I expect he became aware he had been absent for too long and did not want to be caught with his trousers down, literally. I watched his vehicle draw away a few minutes later and then rejoined my very excited wife in the hot tub within five minutes of her sucking him off. We fucked slowly as she revealed that he was going to call again to make a small adjustment to the electrics and she was going to invite him to use his cock on her and give her a good fucking. I asked if I should make myself scarce again and she said maybe it would be best.