Written by Tony

14 May 2009

I’m a Regional Manager for a Supermarket and have had my eye on a lady in one of the ‘In House Pharmacies’ for a while now. The lady is called Sue and she is about 40, blond, very well turned out – hair and makeup always immaculate, great figure and she wears a white overall – which has had me fantasizing for months about what she wears underneath.

Over the last few months I have thought about Sue more and more and came to the conclusion that I had to try it on with her – better to try and fail than not try at all I told myself. I visit the store where she works most weeks and I took notice of the hours she works – generally she leaves work at 6:00 p.m. so I decided to see whether I could arrange an opportunity to bump into her outside the store. I tried and failed a few times until one day I saw her walking to her car. I knew her to say hello to and never missed an opportunity to pass the time of day with her. When I saw her I asked her if she was rushing off – she said not particularly, so asked if there was anywhere near by where we could grab a coffee. She said that no cafes would be open that late but suggested a pub up the road – I followed her car and met her in the pub car park. As we walked into the pub she seemed concerned and asked ‘I haven’t done anything wrong have I?’ I reassured her and we entered the pub.

Once inside the pub I got her a white wine and we sat down – I said that there is no point dressing this up – I wanted to talk to you because I find you very attractive and wondered whether I could see you outside of work. Sue smiled and looked flattered but she said I had no idea how complicated her life was. She said she didn’t have a man in her life at present – she said it had taken her nearly 5 years to get her husband out of her life and she didn’t plan to make a mistake again so easily. She said that she lived with her infirmed mother and that dating someone was going to be impossible.

I was obviously disappointed but, said it was fine I got the message. Sue said that it wasn’t me she said she had lots of baggage – she said her husband had been a cheating bastard and she couldn’t cope with another relationship. We actually had a really pleasant discussion until Sue said she had to go and left pretty quickly.

A few weeks went by and I still saw Sue in the store and she was always friendly – in fact she became quite flirty. Her dismissal of me had made me want her all the more and I spent hours thinking about her and imagining her in her white underwear under that pristine overall.

A couple of weeks ago I was leaving the store in question around lunch time when Sue came up to me as I walked to my car – it was a wet and windy day – so rather than talk outside I told her to jump in the car. As she sat there her overall rode up and I got a lovely glimpse of her sexy legs. She said I have been thinking about your proposal and if the offer is still there I would like to take you up on it but I won’t be able to see you more than once a week. She then said she was free Saturday afternoon because her sister was taking her mum away for the weekend.

We arranged to meet and she got out of the car and I punched the air as I drove away.

Saturday came around and I struggled to know what to do with her. Eventually, I decided to take her for a really nice lunch – I knew a restaurant so after picking her up I took her there. She looked great wearing a pair of tight jeans, a tight white top and a jacket – she looked a million dollars.

We had a lot of fun over lunch and when it got to coffee Sue suggested we go back to hers for coffee – to which I readily agreed.

We went back to the car and she directed me to her home – which was off the beaten track on the edge of the countryside. She explained that it was the family home where she had grown up. She said she had returned home after her father died and her marriage broke up. It was a lovely house and I sat at the kitchen table as Sue made coffee. When the coffee was made Sue came and sat at the table with me – she sat close and she rubbed my arm as she talked. Mid sentence she leaned forward and thrust her lips to mine – kissing me. I kissed her back and we kissed for some time – until she said ‘I’m sorry I have wanted to do that all day’. I said thanks – so did I.

We left the kitchen and we went into the sitting room – I sat next to Sue in a huge room that looked out over a garden – that in turn looked out over fields. We kissed and cuddled for a few hours and Sue told me how unhappy and lonely she had been for the last few years. She said working in the Pharmacy was the best part of her life.

I told her how sexy she looked in her overall and this made her smile. I told her about my life and we seemed to be really hitting it off for a first date. I did wonder whether anything more would happen but given the class of the lady and how sexy she was I was happy with a kiss and a grope and thought I’d better play this one long. Early evening I left and was rewarded with a big snog – where Sue thrust her tongue into my mouth for the first time.

I saw Sue at work the next week and she smiled and flirted with me but we text each other all week. Sue suggested the pictures on Friday night and I readily agreed. I picked Sue up and we drove to the Cinema. She picked a film, we sat down, held hands and the film started. The Cinema was all but empty and a few minutes into the film Sue picked my hand up and ran it down her leg. She was wearing a black skirt and as she rubbed the palm of my hand on her leg I could feel stockings and suspenders! She obviously knew this would turn me on and she whispered is that nice. I rubbed her leg and we kissed a few times until I plucked up the courage to put my hand up her skirt and feel the fleshy part of her legs – she gasped as I started to touch her but she didn’t object.

The film ended and I could tell you nothing that happened – I was only concerned that I was sporting a hard on and I had to get out of the cinema. My hands had felt the top of Sue legs my fingers had brushed over her crutch but I hadn’t dare go further – I had also touched her breasts through her bra and top. It was like being a school boy again but with a really sexy 40 year old.

We drove back to Sue and she kissed me and said I’d invite you in but my Mum will be up – so probably best not. She said she’d enjoyed herself and wanted to see me next week. Over the next few weeks I saw Sue on the once a week basis and there was lots of flirting, kissing and groping but nothing more – but somehow this made me want her more and more.

Last week we agreed to meet on Saturday and she arrived at mine before 10:00 and we went out for breakfast – over breakfast Sue announced that she could stay overnight – if that was okay with me. Finally, I thought I am going to get her into bed and looked forward to the evening. Actually, I needn’t have worried because after breakfast Sue drove us back to mine and suggested we spend the rest of the day in bed – again if that was alright with me.

Sue said she wanted to shower, so I took her to the bathroom and I waited around nervously until she emerged wrapped in towels and wearing my dressing gown. I thought it would be a good idea to shower too – so I left Sue and took a shower. When I emerged Sue was sat in the living room watching TV still wrapped in towels. When she saw me she got up and walked to the bedroom I followed her and just caught the site of her naked body slipping under the duvet with the towels and dressing gown left on the floor.

She pulled the duvet back and I dropped my towel and slipped in next to her. We kissed for a while and whilst I was lying on my left side – my right hand moved to her breasts and I played with her nipples for the first time while we kissed. After a few minutes of this I pulled the bed clothes back and revealed Sue breasts to me for the first time, they were big and fleshy and her nipples were small – I moved my mouth to her breasts and kissed and licked her nipples and took her large breasts into my mouth.

I decided to take things slowly and it was an age before I finally rubbed the inside of Sue legs – her legs felt sexy and she immediately spread her legs encouraging me to touch her. Eventually after teasing her for an eternity I moved my fingers to her pussy – anticipating a nice hairy mound but no; she was completely smooth there was no pubic hair at all just a very wet pussy and very smooth skin. I touched Sue gently feeling her wetness and the folds of her pussy we kissed intermittently. Eventually I pulled the duvet right back and saw Sue in the nude for the first time – she looked beautiful and I moved between her legs and positioned myself to lick her pussy. Sue pushed her legs up into the air and held the back of my head encouraging me too lick her harder. I duly licked and lapped away at her beautiful wet and smooth pussy and used my fingers and thumb to tease her clit. By now Sue was getting very wet and my face was soaking I moved to one side and rubbed her clit hard she seemed to like this – all of a sudden her fingers replaced mine and after only a few seconds Sue came and she shuddered in the throes of an orgasm that she clearly enjoyed.

Sue said she had really enjoyed me making her come she said she hadn’t been with a man for over 5 years she said we could try making love but added that she was out of practice. I said I was sure we’d be fine. We kissed and I lay between Sue legs and she masturbated by cock but there was no need I was very hard. I held the base of my cock and slowly pushed it into Sue’s pussy, slowly and easily I was in up to the hilt and I pulled back before pushing in again. Sue legs were bolt upright and she was holding me and as I started to thrust into her she rubbed my arsehole with her fingers and whilst I thought this was odd – it felt good. I was now thrusting in and out of Sue and she was still rubbing my bum hole which was making me very hard – then she said ‘don’t come in me whatever you do’ – I thought I’d better stop straight away and pulled out. I remained between Sue’s legs holding myself up on my arms and Sue put her hand around my cock and masturbated me for a few strokes until I came – shooting lots of cum onto Sue’s stomach. Sue rubbed her fingers in it and then plunged them into her mouth she then repeated this putting her fingers into my mouth and getting me to taste my own cum.

Sue and I now make love about three evenings a week and sometimes all day on a Saturday – this story is a bit long but I will write some further updates because there are lots of benefits in having a lover who is 10 years your senior.